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when we are not paying attention to the navel chakra, we feel insecure. So in this way, every chakra has similar explanations.


So if one was to meditate through the chakras regularly, every day, do you think that would really get you grounded and in a good space because you would be paying attention to every level as you work through it?

Yes I think that, if it is done properly. And properly means giving it adequate time. It is a crucial part of meditation that it is also used to slow down our systems so that you can hold our attention on the feelings that are associated with intoxicated chakras. If we did it that way, which is that slow practice, slow movements, like tai chi, they are slow movements. You know there is a tendency in some Westernised versions of these exercises, which is all very fast because people tend to be very busy and run out of time, but this is the wrong way to go. If we do it slowly, and take your time, then indeed, each of the chakras are massaged, so to speak, because you’re going to the energy, you can feel the energy and in that way you get the chakra dynamics. Indeed, you know, some new researcher is showing that the chakra blocking that leads to disease. Cancer, for example women’s breast cancer is a good example of not paying attention to the heart chakra. So if one did the kind of exercise that we are suggesting regularly, then I think that is the kind of thing that comes from being too busy and not paying attention to the blocks that can occur in crucial places in our body and therefore disease can come to us. So it’s part of preventative medicine.


It’s like doing your own internal acupuncture really isn’t it? Getting the meridians freed up and getting chakras all spinning at the right resonance so that the energy flows through I suppose.

A That is a good way of putting it. In other words, if every day we pay attention and wait until the heart energy, the opening of the heart, which makes you feel vulnerable, until that comes you wait and pay attention to the chakra, that is what the purpose of this meditation is. This is why the image of the lotus is used. Why? Because

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lotus opens, the heart opens, that’s the idea. You have to wait until then. You have to start paying attention until you get that feeling of opening, that expansion and then your job is done.

It’s a lot easier said than done isn’t it, meditation? It’s something you truly have to learn. I’m not very good at it because my brain is always thinking about a million things at once.

You just need to slow down. It is the time of need of the Western society, you know, researchers actually find that whilst doing and being is important, they call it “do be do be do ” way of living. We really need to give time for being and this only doing is not a good lifestyle. Just slow down, that is my advice. And then meditation will become easy. Then if you meditate, you automatically will slow down.


I liked very much in your book when you wrote about the four stages of the creative process and I especially like the incubation stage, because I think we need to do a bit more about the incubation stage actually. But I’m saying that that is four stages and do you think that is something we need to learn, like you suggested, or something we already know intuitively, subliminally, unconsciously?

I think we can use a lot of learning there. Of course, the people who are creative among us have done that learning in their past lives and it probably comes to them in a natural way. But if we do the learning, we just understand what the basic point is of incubation, it is that thoughts are waves before they are manifested, they are waves of possibility. Waves of possible meaning. So if they proliferate, if they are allowed to proliferate, how are they allowed to proliferate? If the mind is very active. So if the mind starts being very active, then what happens is that the waves of possibility will expand and expand and expand, becoming bigger. Of course possibility is the key to creativity. Because I have more choice and the more choice I have the more chance I have of picking the right answer, which will solve my problem. And there are other ways too. I talk about relationships in life because relationship gives us more opportunity to enlarge

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