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A Conversation with Amit Goswami PhD

By Trina Hart

and also the intrinsic/physical part as possibility for consciousness and consciousness mediates their interaction by choosing time of movement of the morphogenetic fields and the movement in the physical. So in the process, when the morphogenetic fields are represented as organs in the physical body, you get an association. Those are the chakra parts. So with the chakra we experience an organ that’s the physical part but we also experience movement of the associated morphogenetic field, which is the part that you are feeling. In this way, the major development of the new science is that it can incorporate chakras, which of course conventional science completely leaves.


In the diagram in your book you show the chakras, and you show the specific emotional positive and negative emotional feelings specific to each chakra. How do you know which chakra is responsible for a particular type of emotion?

Oh what a wonderful question. This is the crucial part. So for example, let’s take a look at the heart chakra, you have to find the organs that are important and relevant to that region of the body. So there is of course the heart. But there is another very, very important organ there, which is second only to the vein is the immune system. Actually what is located at the region of the heart is the important component of the immune system which we call the thymus glad. This is the gland which has the ability of deciding

between me or not me. So the idea then is why is that the place we feel romantic love? Because romantic love in a way is an extension of me. In other words the immune system, if that accepts another person’s immune system, then the two has become one and there will be an urge for bodily union. This is the main impulse of romantic love of course. So in this way we can identify the emotion connected with the particular chakra. Why the heart chakra is the point where we experience the emotion of romantic love? Because the immune system, the thymus gland is there. That’s just the heart chakra. Now, if we are not classing the thalamus gland, not paying attention to the heart chakra, what happens? The opposite. Then it is grief, we are missing the vital energy that is connected to the heart.

So you see how the positive and negative are connected with energy moving into our organs and into the chakra and our attention and moving away from the chakra. When we are grieving we cannot pay attention to the heart chakra.


So you can then apply that theory down all the chakras in a similar way?

All the chakras. For example, another one, the navel chakra is an important chakra because this is where we feel the body, this is why we need security. This is because this is the place where all the metabolic organs are, the stomach, the liver, all of that. So you know, by association,

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