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NLP and The Living Matrix By Arielle Essex

This easy-to-read 100 page book begins where The Living Matrix movie left off, expanding on all the ideas and enlarging the concepts with lots more information to clarify the wholistic approach. Can these amazing theories and new scientific evidence help the healing process? How does the mind connect with the body? What helps to correct the living matrix of the body when things go wrong? How do these insights relate to the practical psychology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Those who are sceptical about the mind/body relationship, or who have doubts about complementary forms of healing and energy work will be surprised. The collection of data from different fields of science and medicine provides undeniable and convincing evidence. These astonishing facts can no longer be ignored. The exciting implications for healing are overwhelming. Just imagine being able to create spontaneous remissions and affecting the health and fitness through better use of the mind. Then making the best use of NLP techniques makes more sense than ever.

This little e-book also provides an incredibly useful source of stories, evidence and examples to support the principles and practice of many different healing approaches. Each chapter also includes lots of simple questions to reflect on, making it easy to put these theories into immediate use. So if you are curious to read more about how science, medicine, healing and NLP all fit together, you’ll love this book.

Excerpt: What excites me is seeing how these new scientific concepts mirror the workings of the mind in so many ways. These new findings may also explain and validate how the magic of NLP works, as well as many other alternative approaches that have been around for thousands of years. Neuro Linguistic Programming requires an experiential learning process in order to fully understand and use the skills. Therefore it’s impossible to learn it from reading a book or just listening to a CD. However, to give a taste of how the Practical Miracles Method assists healing, and how to put these ideas into practice, each section of this book includes insightful questions for reflection.

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Juicy Women

A spiritual guide to your femine radiance Ocean Whitehawk

What a delight to the senses this book is, full of joy. At first one might be resistant to the bubbling optimism, the title and jovial spirit which may completely mis-lead the reader into thinking this book is so much less magical than it is; for it is not until one pursues through the first few pages

and reads the prologue that we begin to discover that the conclusions from this book come from great depth.

Ocean White Hawk gives a brief description of her traumatic childhood before launching into prose that is both poetic and gifted. The way the words themselves are written are inspiring and uplifting, their meaning tangible and practical, prompting the reader to distil joy from ordinary moments of life and perceive everything as a gift

The chapters are broken down into delicious sections and antidotes for spiritual growth.

Here is a woman who has scrambled from rock bottom; clutching at whatever information she could, to grab and pull herself up and through her personal suffering. In this book she has emerged from her chrysalis, spread her wings and bathed her world with a poignant and beautiful light .

This is a step by step practical guide to bringing out the ‘real you’. It gently encourages women to peep out from under the shells of self protection so that they too can spread their spirit and make their own mark on the world. Whitehawk’s view points come from intense experience and an assimilation of self help and spiritual materials which she sieves, condenses and gives to the reader the opportunity to view through her eyes.

Her sensual writing style is somewhat reminiscent of Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History Of The Senses in that she delights and holds value to all she sees. Juicy woman is one of those books that can be picked up, a section read and then put down until the lesson is absorbed. It is lush and full of magical recipes for spiritual living.

ISBN 978 0956 253804 RRP £13.99 Quantum Health 37


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