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that will help keep us young, enhance our looks and cover our imperfections; but the main bulk of people profiting seem to be the wheelers and dealers of the makeup and advertising industries, who earn billions from research, savvy marketing and at times our gullibility.

Over the past few years some hefty brand names have been in the spotlight over their questionable advertising. Rimmel’s campaign for their Magnif Eyes mascara with Kate Moss was pulled and L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara ads with Penelope Cruz received a public lash-ing for misleading advertising. (for wearing false/digitally enhanced lashes)* As a result the consumer has become more aware. We have become less trustworthy of taking products at face value.

An uproar created new regulations by the EEC to ‘fess up’ and curb some of the creative licensing by makeup companies that has been surreptitiously working on our subconscious, unmonitored for quite some time.

Now, the hot topic is nanoparticles and in particular, the nanoparticles contained in certain mineral makeup and sunscreens.

What are nanoparticles? Nanoparticles are tiny, tiny, tiny bits of particles used in the makeup industry to create even coverage and a flawless complexion. (A nanoparticle is around 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.) Their size is beneficial because it enables them to cover all the nooks and crannies, hide blemishes and allows us invisible coverage in some sunscreens.

So what is wrong with that? Most of us would prefer invisible sun block over the tell-tale zinc white streaks plastered all over our bodies.

Nanoparticles were created for sunscreen on behalf of the consumer in an attempt to create a more visually pleasing product and in an attempt to avoid some of the ‘chemical nasties’; unfortunately in the process, they have opened a whole new Pandora’s box, bringing up new questions for quantum health. The concern being that the particles are so minute that there may be

a possibility for them to infiltrate our lungs, skin and intestinal tract giving toxins free reign to our body, and that our bodies natural defenses may not be suitably equipped to fight them off*

Which leaves the consumer slightly less confident and bewildered as we pull out our brushes to powder our faces.

Further research has been propelled by fears of potential toxicity to children if accidentally ingested.* In addition, Scientific American points towards the fact that nanoparticles in sunscreens, cosmetics and hundreds of other consumer products may pose potential risks to the environment by damaging beneficial microbes.*

Nanoparticles are just one in a list of many products under scrutiny. According to reports*the body can absorb up to 5lbs of makeup by-products a year. This can be ingested in lipstick and absorbed through the skin. Parabens have been found in breast tumour samples. Preservatives and chemicals are found in almost all main high street personal products.

Organic companies on the whole try to steer clear of these types ingredients and many believe like Charlotte Vøhtz; Founder of the organic skin care company Green People, that: “It is actually worse to put toxins on your skin than eat them. When you put something on your skin, it can go directly into the bloodstream. The use of multiple personal care products means that ingredients interact with each other, causing unpredictable additional toxicity to increase the risk of allergies.”

According to opposing view-points The Chemical Cocktail Effect is an urban myth. Some scientists believe that they know precisely how different chemicals react individually and how they interact with each other and take this into account when the safety of products is assessed.

But lest we forget; this is not by any means a new issue. Man has worn make-up without fully understanding (or has been in willful denial of its affects to our health) since we began to walk the earth. Professor of Paleolithic archaeology from Bristol University ; João Zilhão, studied pigments

Quantum Health 49


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