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Family travel can be life-changing.

It is transformational, eye-opening, exciting, and engaging for travelers of every age... especially when you and your family meet the “locals.” Our children haven’t stopped talking about our family trips with Tauck Bridges... Will’s still vivid memory of our trail ride with a “real” cowboy... Christopher’s encounter with Alaskan husky puppies... the look of awe on John’s face when he met a Centurion in Rome... and Ellie’s wondrous delight with all those rainbow-hued butterflies in Costa Rica. When these precious moments are shared together with your loved ones, the memories become richer and more colorful still. – Dan

“Three days into our Tauck family trip, it dawned on me: I was worry-free. But it was more than that... I was so at ease, I was

playing with my kids like I did when they were small. And it hit me just how much they missed that. And how much I missed it. For those incredible 8 days, we explored some of the coolest places in the world together. And, all at once I was their father, their teacher and their best friend. Words can’t express how much that meant to me. Thanks for such a wonderful gift.

” – Richard Bell, CT

Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari Wildlife experts believe that elephants never forget. Did you know that they also forge strong family bonds and express emotions like joy and delight when they’re with their loved ones? We’re glad that our families get to see their families on safari because we share a lot of similar traits, right down to the lifelong memories of good times spent together... as our 2012 Bridges cover photo of Allie Tauck’s (Peter’s daughter) “Maasai” moment attests...

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Red Rocks & Painted Canyons

It’s not just the landscapes that rock in the canyons out West. It’s also what you may do aboard a pontoon raft on the mighty Colorado River when you cruise past sandstone sights chiseled by Mother Nature in Glen Canyon. And while the waters here are not as wild as the animals you may spy along the riverbanks, you might run into some pretty big waves... 23

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