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What I learned on my Tauck Bridges trip…

(The kids really tell it like it is on our Comment Cards!)

Something that inspired me was the

Greek gods sculptures (to learn more) and the Montmartre painters (to never give up my love for the arts.) – Ali, Age 14

I learned to ride a horse and

I learned about the Hoo Doos, and geology. – Luke, Age 10

The Yosomite park inspired me to clean up in my naperhood. – Curtis, Age 9

I learned that Lombard Street is the crookedest street. – Amanda, Age 11

There has only been one female gondola person. – Laura, Age 12

I learned that Yosemite was saved by John Muir. – Mikayla, Age 9

The Sequoia trees were bigger than you. – Brianna, Age 13

I enjoyed the mule ride. – Lenny, Age 12

Norman inspired me to live my life. – Alex, Age 14

I learnt about the Golden Gate Bridge and I learnt about climbing Yosemite and the animals at Monteray Bay. – Ben, Age 9

I loved the up-close crocodile. – Griffen, Age 13

The beauty of the parks. The Hoo Doos were great. – Joseph, Age 7

I learned that turtles lay eggs at 25. – Miles, Age 13

I learned that the Eiffel Tower sparkles at night! – Molly, Age 13

One thing I learned is a little bit of Italian that inspired me. – Nathan, Age 10

I’ve learned all that I could possibly want to learn. – Greg, Age 14

Gelato is very good. Gondolas are cool. – Rebecca, Age 13

The dedication people put into the gold rush. – Bryce, Age 12


Costa Rica: Jungles & Rainforests Think about life in a jungle and you might imagine monkeys swinging from tree to tree, howling with something akin to joyful whoops... or flying over and into treetops high above the ground like those chattering and chirping parrots and colorfully plumed tropical birds do, seeing the world with a real bird’s eye view... Better yet, take a look at the smiling faces these intrepid zip-liners shared with us as they prepared to soar through Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy... again!

Family Fun along the Danube 17 members of the Cowan family rolled down the river with us this summer to celebrate 3 family birthdays... and according to 7-year-old Daniel, “I saw and learned extraordinary stuff on my river boat trip with my family.” (Extraordinary was one of his 3rd-grade vocabulary words!) “The crew was very friendly. They did magic tricks and made warm pretzels. In Vienna we had dinner at a palace. I got to put on a medieval helmet in a castle...”

The Royal Horseguards... We never knew that! You’d expect, with a name like The Royal Horseguards, that the historic hotel we stay at in London might be guarding some really big state secrets... and you’d be right! We chose this hotel based on its incredible location near just about everything you go to London to see... The London Eye, Westminster Abbey... but during our site visit this spring, we learned that... there is a mysterious door in the cellar that reputedly leads to a network of secret tunnels... the eighth floor was once the headquarters of the Secret Service, complete with sliding doors and bookcases to confuse visitors... and its One Twenty One Two restaurant is the Metropolitan Police’s former telephone number and a nod to nearby Scotland Yard... hmmm...

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