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The People You Meet… The Impact They Make

Toward the end of our private Vatican dinner during our Roman Holiday event, a wonderful woman, Nancy Soloman, stood up and sang a breathtaking performance of “Ave Maria” – her majestic voice filling the

huge hall. Nancy’s spontaneous, heartfelt reaction to the joy of the occasion added immeasurably to the event. It was a moment no one there will ever forget. It was also a moment that demonstrates how travel can truly inspire people.

This got me thinking about how Tauck travelers contribute in so many ways to the quality of travel experiences.

Abraham Maslow, the renowned humanistic psychologist, defined a hierarchy of human needs, from the basic necessities such as food and water to more emotionally fulfilling needs such as creativity and spirituality. To achieve this higher state, Maslow speaks of our social needs, the importance of community and connectedness. Given today’s societal pressures, with people racing about 24 / 7, texting and e-mailing in quick bursts, there is an increasing need to slow down and connect – whether with family, friends or new acquaintances. Our tours and cruises give people the opportunity and time to connect in so many ways.

Our guests are curious people who live “rich” lives and are eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and “joie de vivre” with fellow travelers.

At our Civil War event, one southern guest shared his perspective on the roots of the Civil War – this brought a whole new dimension to my own understanding, having grown up in upstate New York. Similarly, the insights of a guest who was a music teacher and accomplished musician added depth to my experience during The Tauck Jazz Event in New Orleans. And a life-long birding enthusiast brought a whole new appreciation of unique species to what I witnessed during a tour in Costa Rica.

The Tauck extended family shares a passion for lifelong learning. And our fellow travelers… along with our Tauck Directors, local guides and many suppliers... add immeasurably to our continued quest for enriching our minds and spirit through travel.

To old friends and new, thanks for making our lives fuller. With warm regards,

Joie de Vivre for 2012

“New” news for 2012 includes special culinary-themed departures, on Italian Lakes, Venice, Florence & Rome; Spain and Portugal, and A Taste of France. We join the toast and say santé to the good life!

Tauck Events The Tauck Civil War Event, held in Washington, DC, May of 2011, was one of our two inaugural Ken Burns Events. We took 300 guests behind-the-scenes of the Civil War, the ultimate conflict that defined America as a nation... Think Abraham Lincoln... Robert E. Lee... the “People’s War”... battlefields... dancing... Dancing? As CEO Dan Mahar discovered, the whole 1860s cultural scene was explored on the event...

Our New Website... and 5,000 New

Facebook Friends!

Tauck’s new website makes it much easier to explore the possibilities and find the perfect

trip for you. New features include the ability to compare up to four trips side-by-side... read trip reviews by Tauck guests... and search by destination, travel type or interest. And on the Tauck Travel Forums, you can chat directly with other travelers and even meet some of the folks you’ll be traveling with.

Daniel W. Mahar, CEO

Speaking of guests connecting with each other, over 5,000 new fans joined the conversation in 2011 on Tauck’s Facebook page, asking questions, sharing photos and videos, and joining contests. Join the fun (if you haven’t already) at

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