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New for 2012! Yosemite

and Sequoia: John Muir’s

California Giants, both man and nature, are the stars here, headlining in filmed vignettes by Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan and making memorable appearances on this trip.

I most vividly and fondly recall our first visit to Yellowstone and the white

plastic suits... we joined the Tauck volunteer project and spent the afternoon painting a newly installed sitting rail; we were several dozen chuckling, completely blissful Tauck guests...

” — Russell Kathan, Facebook

Canada’s Capital Cities

plus Niagara Falls You’ll think you’re in Europe when you visit these culturally rich cities, so brush up on your French for your stays in Montreal and Quebec City, think cosmopolitan glamour and sizzle in Toronto and show your more civilized, British side, in Ottawa.

San Francisco, Sonoma & Napa Valleys

Just the name of this trip alone tempts the senses: landmark sights, culinary treats and sourdough bread in the “City by the Bay;” wine, spas, gourmet dinners and more wine in California’s wine country...


KISS... Get set to rub noses with the locals in Manitoba, well, a few of them anyway. We wouldn’t want you to try this with the polar bears you’ll see.


OF AMERICA’S MOST FAMOUS PLACES... The New York Post’s “Page Six” can’t hold a candle to the insider stories you’ll get from Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan when you travel on select trips featuring their exclusive filmed narratives about the places you visit. They have spent a good part of their lives exploring, interviewing, studying and documenting the people behind the Civil War, Jazz and the National Parks and what they have to say will give you an entire new perspective on things you thought you knew a lot about! And because Tauck enjoys an exclusive partnership with Ken Burns, you’ll enjoy exclusive insights only available with Tauck!


THE WINE TRAIN... is not only one of the best ways to savor the vineyard-covered landscapes of Napa Valley, it’s also the best way to indulge in a gourmet lunch – with wine – aboard a restored 1917 Pullman Dining Car.

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