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studying for her National Ski Patrol recerti- fication. She encourages anyone who skis at Whitetail in Mercersburg, PA, to drop her a line.

Mark Parobeck ’92 and Meg Brown Parobeck say they “run wild from sunrise to sunset” with sons James, 3, and Henry, 2. Meg has been taking social-work mas- ter’s classes at SUNY-Albany, while Mark dabbles with renovating Victorian houses when he isn’t writing fiction and poetry. Tim Blagg, UWW, graduated from

Norwich University with a master’s in mili- tary history and is an adjunct professor at Greenfield (MA) Community College. He is still full-time editor of The Recorder, Green - field’s daily newspaper. Tim and his wife also devoted some time to helping care for their son’s new twins, whose birth brings the grandchild total to five. JENNY HERDMAN LANDO 45-05 30TH AVENUE ASTORIA, NY 11103 SKIDMORE93@AOL.COM


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Mark Bates and Nikki Stillerman Bates welcomed daughter Alexandra on August 16.

Melinda Cornell Moran, her husband, and sons Colby, 9, and Logan, 7, spent five weeks driving their RV around the south- ern US. The visited Daytona, FL, for a NASCAR race, went to Savannah and At - lanta, GA, explored Tennessee and Missis - sippi, and spent an amazing week in New Orleans, LA. The Morans, who live on a small island in the Virgin Islands, plan to explore the continental US in the RV each summer.

Kevin Gannon and wife Regina wel- comed son Dillon in July; he joins sisters Sophie, 5, and Caitlin, 3. Alex Goldberg married Catia Ojeda at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs on September 5. Returning to town for the festivities were Brian Gordon and his wife of two weeks, Aaron Chesley, Kelly Van Zile ’96, Ryan Stokley-Bronz ’96, Marc Lesser ’96, Rick Kiley ’96, Clay - ton Dowty ’97, John Rodriguez, and Matt Kalman. Alex was named playwright-in- residence at Railroad Playhouse in New - burgh, NY. Catia is an actress. They live in Manhattan. Tanja Lutkins Vandenbossche and hus-

band James welcomed their first child, Everett, on New Year’s Day 2010. Tanja reports that he’s a “happy little baby,” and although motherhood has been her pri- mary focus, she plans to go back to work. Linda Schneiderman Humphrey and

husband Noah welcomed son Reid on Sep - tember 8. He joins brother Miles, 4. The Humphreys live in Charlotte, NC. As reported in an article on sf.blockshop-, Elspeth Seddig is a board-certi- fied naturopathic doctor at Pacific Heights Naturopathic Clinic in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood. She previously prac- ticed in Bar Harbor, ME. Matthew Straus and wife Kathleen are doing well. Daughter Zoey, not quite 2, is “making life so wonderful.” Matt works at a small law firm in downtown Manhattan. In October he enjoyed a big catch-up ses- sion at the Head of the Fish Regatta in Saratoga with his “silver-medal-winning alumni crew, ‘the old guys’ eight.’” Jonathan Drout ran the Boston Mara - thon in 3 hours and 9 minutes, his third marathon in a two-year career. Next on “the trail of stupid fitness” was April’s Leadville Trail 100-Mile in Denver, CO, which he completed in 24 hours and 41 minutes. Jonathan says he finished faster than his goal time “and without the use of a medevac helicopter! I am somewhat baf- fled at my success.” He attended the June wedding of Greg Huska to Ahne Hall, with Kittson Pierce Steinberger and husband David also there to celebrate. James Bruchac, UWW, released his latest book, Be Good, a modern adaptation of an Abenaki cautionary tale. The cover photo was taken by Eric Jenks ’08. VICKI TISCH 330 WEST 56TH STREET, #2B NEW YORK, NY 10019 VICKITISCH@YAHOO.COM

George Mestre and wife Meredith Miller Mestre ’93 welcomed son Alexander last February 8. George is a director at PNC Capital Markets LLC, and Meredith is a res- idential sales agent for Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. They would love to hear from other alums in the Cleveland, OH, area at Michele Kasoff and husband Mark Ruiz welcomed son Skyler on January 12, 2010. Michele loves the year-round sunshine in Tampa, FL.


Heather Pace Lewis is a full-time, stay- at-home mom to Emma, 9, and Nathaniel, 5. Her education degree is put to good use every day as a volunteer in Emma and Na - thaniel’s school. KEIRNAN CONROY KLOSEK 235 LINCOLN STREET NEWTON, MA 02461 617-461-6643 KCKLOSEK@AOL.COM

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AT WORK Read your spinach M

itch Spinach is “the smartest, nicest, strongest kid in Ms. Radicchio’s class,”

and often solves mysteries at Sunchoke Elemen - tary, using superpowers gained by drinking spe- cial fruit and vegetable smoothies. His creators, Jeff Hillenbrand ’93 and Hillary Feerick Hillen - brand ’93, are happy if he re - minds parents of Popeye, but most- ly they want to offer a role model for young kids navigating to - day’s junk-food world. Hillary says

she drew on a Skidmore chil- dren's literature course as well as her master’s degree and teaching of composition, and Jeff used his exer- cise science and corporate wellness background, to develop the Secret Life of Mitch Spinach books. They ran the first manuscript by Joel Fuhrmann, a widely known pediatrician specializing in nutri- tion, and Mitch Spinach Productions was forged. With Fuhr mann’s medical imprimatur, the series also offers the Web site with games, recipes, and resources. The message is clear: good nutrition in the

first years of life may be crucial for later health, and it is possible—even fun—to build healthy eat- ing habits. The Hillenbrands are using Mitch to start their own two kids off on the right nutri- tional foot and to help fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity and related disorders. They credit “the critical thinking skills drilled into us in Skidmore’s Liberal Studies courses” for helping them frame the problem and conceive a creative solution. An exercise science and business major, Jeff won an award for co-found- ing the Piece O’ Cake delivery service on cam- pus. His co-founder Hillary was a Liberal Studies tutor who majored in English and French (that children’s lit course, taught by education profes- sor Susan Lehr, was “among my favorite cours- es, though extradisciplinary—one of the beauties of Skidmore,” Hillary says). They say they first fell in love as freshmen. And where did it happen? In the dining hall. —SR



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