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doing other “manly chores.” Their eldest son lives nearby and is doing well as a lawyer. He has two daughters in college— one at the University of Colorado and another at Drexel in Philadelphia. Cherry and Lindy’s second son’s daughter is a col- lege freshman in California; two other granddaughters are in 9th and 10th grade. Cherry, blessed with good health and still riding her small horse, says “Aloha.” In June, Joy Bell Mayhew went to Cape

May, where she got together with her entire family for what has become an annual affair. Jean Kreger Carlson (jean.carlson@att

.net) retired from gainful employment five years ago to become a full-time “citi- zen,” currently as a Seattle League of Wo - men Voters board member. She welcomes hearing from other classmates who are LWV members. Last year marked the 90th anniversary of the league, which formal- ized women’s groups working to achieve suffrage. Jean notes that in 2010 Washing - ton State celebrated 100 years of voting rights for women, the fifth state to do so. Mary Gund Farr says life is good and centers on her homes in Bonita Springs, FL, Cleveland, OH, and Presque Isle, MI. She also often stays in Boston, where one of her grandchildren lives. The Farrs took a trip to the Canadian Rockies last year, and Mary enjoyed seeing classmates in Punta Gorda, FL. Among her many hob- bies is making jewelry; husband Hap is into radio-controlled model airplanes. She welcomes e-mail at a new address: mary- Thea Woodfin Reinhart is enjoying her private practice as a clinical and forensic psychologist and says there is never a dull moment. She and her husband are busy with their four granddaughters, ages 1 to 4. The Reinharts are active in the Ameri - can Legion Yacht Club, where Frank is vice commander. Thea volunteers with a group that helps support US troops. At the end of last winter, Judy Fletcher Baker visited Vietnam with daughter Pam - ela and family and Judy’s sister Jeanne. It was Judy’s first visit to that country since 1963.

Nancy Mann Germanetti and Hugh

crossed off two more items on their buck- et list after a trip around the British Isles and Norwegian coast on a ship. High - lights included seeing the parades and sports of the Royal Military Tattoo in Edinburgh and visiting North Cape, the northernmost town in Europe. Nancy had wanted to experience the tattoo since her parents traveled there 50 years ago. In August, Sandra Mokrzynkic Doug -

lass and her husband visited Skidmore— her first visit since 1957. She is a big fan of the new music building. She had diffi- culty finding some of the old dorms and didn’t remember Union Avenue as such a four-lane highway. Saratoga Springs is a lovely college town and has grown a lot since her time there, she reports. Phebe Grauer Appleton lives in Nia - gara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, home of the Shaw Festival. She keeps busy with aqua - fit, hosting at a theater, and singing in a couple of choruses. She and a group of residents—both American and Canadian, from four towns on the Niagara River— are working on a book to commemorate the War of 1812. Stephanie Merber Lench recently visit-

ed Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambo - dia. She reports they were fascinating places but suggests going there in Decem - ber or January when temperatures only reach the 90s, rather than the 100s! Max and I enjoyed a Skidmore regional event last summer in Hyannisport, MA, at the home of Katie Groves Alverson ’74 and Harry Alverson ’75. President Philip Glotzbach updated us on current campus news and answered questions. Pam Bat - tey Mitchell, who attended Skidmore for two years, and her husband were also guests; they live in Texas but spend sum- mers on Cape Cod. DOROTHY DODD O’MEARA 5 PONDSIDE LANE WEST SIMSBURY, CT 06092-2421 DOTTIEOMEARA@COMCAST.NET

Last summer Joyce Gilbert Hood-Jelliff and family journeyed up our way to Linekin Bay in Maine to enjoy a week of sailing, eating, and shopping. Joyce, who owns a recruiting firm, is seeking the right candidates for sporadic job openings in engineering, supply chain, manufactur- ing, and technical sales. The couple trav- els in their spare time, visiting with their kids spread across the country. Jacqueline Bush Collopy, retracing some steps from her 1957 Skidmore Euro - pean tour, went back to Rome; then she and Bruce took the train to Venice for a two-week Adriatic cruise to six ports, in - cluding Dubrovnik and Athens. In May they drove to Virginia Beach to visit daughter Kathi and stopped for lunch with former roommate Barbara Ford Ostrander and husband John. It was a timely visit, as John sadly passed away in June. The Collopys continued on to Con - necticut, then drove across New York


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State, stopping in Lake George, Saratoga (including Skidmore), and Jackie’s home- town. Jackie serves as historian for a local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She also stays busy quilting and playing bridge. She would love to see anyone coming through Atlanta. Susanne Hecht Goldstein reports from

“not too sunny California” that she and Beverly Beatson Grossman got together. Margretta Beishline Lisick thinks that

the real estate market is attracting buyers with its low interest rates. She and Frank do about five miniatures shows a year where they meet a lot of interesting peo- ple. She and her family are all doing well. Elizabeth Rumreich Mottur has lived

in Chatham, MA, for three years. Her hus- band, Mott, teaches at Boston University’s Graduate School of Business and enjoys long weekends in Chatham. Libby is busy with volunteer activities and says her main focus now is running in the Chat - ham 300 in 2012. The Motturs’ three chil- dren and spouses and five grandchildren are all well. Maine resident Gretchen Koehring Strong reports that although her Bar Har - bor B&B started off slow last summer, by mid-July there was no vacancy—thanks to more than 100 cruise ships coming in. Her son Skip even assisted the pilots in docking them. Younger son Alden, who also lives on the island, has become quite a gardener. Gretchen encourages anyone planning to visit Mount Desert Island to stop at Penury Hall and say hello. Peggy Reid Blatchford spent time in Maine last summer, at Thomaston, Da - mar iscotta, and Friendship. She and Nor - ine Reilly Toole have been trying to get together in Saratoga Springs for the last two summers. Peggy also wants to catch up with Susan Sprague Brady. Anne Bachman Walmsley and husband Doug were in Maine looking for possible rentals for next summer. Although we didn’t get a chance to get together, we enjoyed some long, fun phone calls. Tom and I had a busy summer with family. Our granddaughter Sarah worked at a nearby bank and spent most of the summer with us. We did lots of sailing, swimming, and cooking. And thank heav- ens for deli precooked chickens! PRISCILLA KNOWLTON TAVENNER 74 TAVENNER ROAD SAWYER’S ISLAND BOOTHBAY, ME 04537 207-633-4879 TTAVENNER@ROADRUNNER.COM


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