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pletely destroyed and described tent cities that sprawl across the capital of Port-Au- Prince. Two of her family’s stores were destroyed, but the largest one is intact. Hilda can be reached at valerio_canez@ Ann Hammel Kahl was recently inter- viewed by a TV anchorwoman in Lake Mary, FL, after a 5K race in which both were participating. As the anchorwoman slowed to a walk, she saw Ann go by with a T-shirt that proclaimed, “You have just been passed by an 80-year-old,” which prompted the interview. Ann, who has competed in half-marathons and 15 tri - athlons, competed in the World’s Triath - lon Race in Cancun, Mexico. She also trains five women in their 50s in her home for free. Ann says she plans to live to a healthy 100! Joyce Griffin Lovell had a wonderful

visit with several classmates last fall and reports all are doing well, staying strong and healthy. Ann Caspar, diagnosed with breast can-

cer in 2009, had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. Happily, all is well now. She had the job of cleaning out the apartment of her 99-year-old aunt, who went into a nursing home after a series of falls. Ann is thankful for the wonderful friends who helped her through both situations. PATRICIA BRYANT KOEDDING 83 CROSSLANDS DRIVE KENNETT SQUARE, PA 19348-9634

Ester Jaggard McCrea moved to Rose - mont Presbyterian Village in Rosemont, PA, where husband John, who had a series of strokes, is in assisted living. She cleaned out their home of 47 years, in cluding a large library of books. Ester is one of two pianists at Rosemont. The place has a 10- acre private arboretum, and Ester has her own balcony for plants and a bird feeder. “It feels like home,” she says. She still gives tours and keeps re cords for the Barnes Foundation Arbore tum. All five of the McCreas’ sons are married; the youngest enjoys teaching at Cornell. Ester says the McCreas are still “short on girls,” with just one among their 12 grandchil- dren and two great-grandchildren. Carol Corrigan Conway enjoys keeping up with family, which includes recent graduates of Dartmouth and Salisbury. Carol has nine grandchildren, including a 3-year-old. Last December, Rosemary Lawton Mac - Coun and husband Townsend moved to Jenner Pond, a continuing-care commun -

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Class Participation 73% Legacy Society 18 / FOP Donors 8

ity in West Grove, PA, to be closer to their daughter and her family. She says it was hard to move from their home of many years but is now sure it was the right deci- sion. Ann Lawton Read and hubby Don love living at Glenmore Continuing Care Com - munity in St. Augustine, FL. She says, like many of us, “our health may be failing but our spirit is young!” Dawn Rylander Spitz and husband Eric visited with Judy Schwarz Mossman and husband Al in Saratoga Springs in Septem - ber. Dawn is still on the board of the Palm Springs Writers Guild. Her poem “A Walk in the Desert at Twilight” was published in Sun Runner magazine. Betty Johnson Boothe took the trip of

a lifetime to Norway and Sweden with her three daughters in May. The four “svenska flickas” left husbands at home and en - joyed sightseeing and visiting areas rele- vant to family history. Betty says, “To travel with your daughters is a very spe- cial treat.” Ann Burchards Botjer’s grandson Dave,

a sophomore at Houghton College, spent a semester in Tanzania, studying East Afri - can culture and history, camping with the Maasai, going on safaris, and visiting wild - life preserves and national parks. Burch still volunteers at a soup kitchen, takes water aerobics three times a week, and gets her “pooch fix” by exercising dogs at the Guide Dog Foundation. She also gar- dens at their lakeside log home, helps daughter-in-law Karen, and continues ball room dancing. She cautions, “I’m defi- nitely not ready for Dancing with the Stars yet.”

Nancy Dalton Rogal says it was a bit more challenging to make the trek from West Chester, PA, to Crows Nest, the fam- ily gathering spot in Lake George, NY, for six months this past year. Her looming questions: What to do with all these paint- ings, and How to pay the Lake George taxes? She saw Fran Wingle Scott in her new apartment at Kendal retirement com-


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munity in Kennett Square, PA; Fran teach- es pottery there. Nancy painted last win- ter and over the summer. Pat Case Young says life near Dallas, TX, is still wonderful, despite the fact that there are no other Skiddies that she knows of, at least from our class. Pat was in and out of the hospital last year; it was not an easy one for her. Peggy McConnell Hinrichs reports that

she and dear friend Janet Gregory Frazer, who died last winter, were friends at Emma Willard School and Skidmore and were both Florida residents (Janet lived in Naples, and Peggy lives in Vero Beach.) Peggy and husband John joined another couple on a cruise to Costa Rico and Panama. She still plays golf and tennis. Ann Brown Abdalla is adjusting after

the death of husband Bud last April. A memorial was held in Skidmore’s Wil - son Chapel and featured musical perfor - mances by his nieces and nephew, includ- ing some of Bud’s own compositions. Ruth Friedman Hoberman and hus-

band Bernie are enjoying their six grand- children. The eldest is a high school mu - sic teacher, another works in a law office, and a third is in college. Ruth and Bernie traveled through Belgium and Holland on a river boat last spring, in time for the tu - lip bloom. She says, “It was spectacular!” Flora Shoemaker Taylor reports that

her three children had major surgeries in 2009 and all are fine now. She and her husband “just love our mountain Eden” in Kimball Junction, UT, and would enjoy the company of any classmate who finds herself in the area. She says they have in - teresting activities 12 months a year, lots of sunshine, pleasant (not humid) sum- mers, and powder skiing in the winter. Sallie Walstrum Herman Bailey’s grand- son Chris graduated from Annapolis last year. Sallie rented a house on the Severn River for the occasion, and most of her family stayed there, including Chris’s brother Tim, from the Coast Guard Acad - emy, and a cousin from San Diego, CA, who is a Marine. Sallie says it was a whirl- wind week, including a visit by President Obama, who spoke at the graduation cer- emony. A pilot, Chris is now stationed in Pensacola, FL. Sallie was also visited by Arden Wyede Somers and husband Reyn. Arline Fisch’s delicate sculptural ver- sions of sea creatures in copper and silver wire, Creatures from the Deep, are part of her touring show Fisch Out of Water: Sea Creatures of Arline Fisch. The installation has been in museums in Bellevue, WA, Memphis, TN, and Houston, TX. The works will be on display in San Diego,

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