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CL AS S NO TE S Judith Schapiro Yogman and husband

Bob Sartini “thru-hiked” the Long Trail— a 27-day, 270-mile trek through the Green Mountains of Vermont from Massachusetts to the Canadian border. She is quite proud of herself (“pretty good for a 63- year-old”), although her knees are still recovering. Kathy Cole-Kelly and partner Tom at - tended a meeting of the European Associ - a tion of Communication in Health Care in Verona, Italy, last September. Afterward, they took a self-guided six-day cycling trip through Sardinia, which she calls “the best trip ever.” Kathy loves her work as associate professor of family medicine at the Case Western Reserve med school. Nashville, TN, resident Cheryl Smith Major attended two family reunions with her children and three grandchildren. For the American Academy of Pediatrics Neo - natal Resuscitation Program, she partici- pated in instructor DVDs that were re - leased this past fall along with the sixth edition of the NRP textbook. Portions were filmed in Copenhagen, allowing Cheryl to visit with her nephews and families in Sweden. After a serious health scare last summer, Nancy Cluck McIntyre is recovering with the support of family and friends. She is in outpatient rehab and making progress, although it is a strenuous ordeal. We all wish Nancy well. Her daughter graduated from Emory University and is taking a year off before medical school. Judy Reed Smith reports that son Fedor and his team are taking over more re - sponsibility for running Atlantic-ACM, the family’s telecom research company. This allowed Judy to work remotely from the beach (Point O’ Woods, Fire Island) over the summer while enjoying the company of her grandchildren, ages 3 and 5. She is glad they could experience “the same joys of biking without cars, and having pals and cousins nearby, that their parents enjoyed at their ages.” The grandkids play with the children of Marc Rice ’91, and Judy hangs out with Libby Hay ward Nufer ’78. The family also vis- its the Adirondacks, home of Judy’s son Scott and daughter-in-law Tracy Smith McClel land ’76, stopping in Saratoga en route.

Debby Mayer retired from the publica-

tions office at Bard College in October. She did a hike with Country Walkers in Spain, which she says was harder than she expected but delightful. It was an adventurous trip, as someone tried to steal her purse (unsuccessfully) and the country was experiencing a general strike.




Class Participation 50% Legacy Society 9 / FOP Donors 11

In Oklahoma Joyce Parks Pitchlynn is home-schooling son Walker, who’s in fifth grade. They enjoy studying history and science together. This past summer the family played in the pool, visited about 25 tigers at a nearby tiger-rescue park, went to many showers and weddings, did work- shops at the natural-history museum, and sweated through a junior zookeeper camp at an unusual private zoo. Joan Raphael Weinstein and her hus-

band spend winters in Costa Rica, where they bought a house three years ago. It’s been a learning experience living in a for- eign country, but Joan says they enjoy the challenge and love the country and its people. Still working full-time in PR for Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, MA, Phyllis Stone Roy oversees golf tourna- ments, bike events, and the Rays of Hope Walk toward the Cure of Breast Cancer. She does lots of biking on weekends, and to and from work. After trying to rejuvenate the local real estate market in Greenwich, CT, Carol Robelen Gilbride took a break, heading to Belgium and Paris for 10 days in June with her sister and her two teenagers. She says she had lots of fun “seeing things through younger eyes!” Still hard at work with Sothebys, Carol loves the challenge of a business so dependent on the economy. Lillian Hurlburt Thompson spent six months in Morocco with the High Atlas Foundation as a Peace Corps response vol- unteer (a returning volunteer who takes on high-impact, short-term assignments). She served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine in 2003–05 and as program and training officer in Romania in 2006 –08. She lives in New Orleans, LA.

In September I visited with Paula Tripp Lusardi and her husband, Bob, in Long - meadow, MA. Judy Roberts Kunisch, husband Walt, and I had dinner together be fore they drove me to Hartford to pick up a car. It was great fun to reminisce about our friendship of more than 40 years. Then it was on to Mary Hardman La Porte’s house for a few days, which in - cluded several catch-up sessions with Mar cia Jensen Watson. Marcia and her husband are renovating her parents’ home in Bloomfield, CT, where the Watsons will eventually live. Marcia has returned to her

artwork and is doing quite well. Mary and husband Bob joined me in San Francisco in October to visit the second half of the Musee d’Orsay’s traveling impressionists exhibit. Their daughter Jo hanna lives in San Francisco, so I get to see Mary more often. She and I kayaked at their lake house and went for a long swim. In California I periodically run into Nancy Marx Ellsworth. And I hope to catch up with Carol Bogardus in Palo Alto and Stephanie Brewster Wagoner in Stanford. In October I attended Skidmore’s Cele - bration Weekend, an amazing time made complete with lavish fall colors. Also pres- ent were Judy Roberts Kunisch, president of the alumni board, Judy Allen Wilson, Friends of the Presidents chair, Joyce Ben - edict Ricker, Nominating Committee chair, Candy Leeds, and Karleen Erhardt. As Judy’s guest, I attended a dinner at the Surrey Williamson Inn for the alumni board and the president’s Council of 100, a luncheon in honor of the 10th anniver- sary of the Tang Museum, and the dedica- tion of the Arthur Zankel Music Center. The Zankel dedication included a ribbon- cutting ceremony with Arthur’s brother Martin and sons Jimmy ’92 and Kenny ’82, and a concert by Emmanuel Ax, who performed with the Skidmore Orchestra and others. The weekend reminded me how wonderful Skidmore and our alumni community are. (I experienced all of this shortly after returning from a business trip to Bulgaria, which is still feeling the effects of Communism.) In February I’m slated to start a two-year stint in Africa with the Peace Corps, putting my nursing skills back to use. BARBARA HERBERT VON DER GROEBEN 2033 RALSTON AVENUE, #173 BELMONT, CA 94002-1737 11VNDRGROEBEN69@GMAIL.COM


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Lila Geer York’s ballet Celts was performed by the Colorado Ballet and the Atlanta Ballet last March.

I have been elected to the board of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra’s volunteer arm, the Syracuse Symphony Association. This enables me to help with fundraising, publicity, and ways of bringing the sym- phony to the community. It’s great fun and very rewarding. The symphony cele- brates its 50th anniversary this year. BARBARA CROSSMAN BELL 218 CANDEE AVENUE SYRACUSE, NY 13224-1608 BICI@TWCNY.RR.COM

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