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ith a dog and five cats, all adopted, Nancy McNiff ’72 has already done her bit for ani-

mal welfare. But for her, that’s just the start. McNiff was volunteering at a cat sanctuary near

her St. Louis home in 2005 when Hurricane Ka - trina hit the Gulf Coast. She was moved to sympa- thy for the pets and their people displaced by the disaster. “As I watched television coverage of the evacuation and saw how conflicted people were about leaving their animals behind, I started think- ing about how I would feel in a sim i lar situation and the choices I might make. It seemed to me that caring for their animals until they could do it them- selves was a way that I could help.” Under the

aegis of Noah’s Wish, a California-based charity that specializes in rescuing and sheltering animals after disasters, McNiff drove 670 miles to Slidell, La. “I slept on an air mattress in the ballroom of a condemned hotel with about 60 other volunteers,” she recalls. “We cared for about 600 animals—dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, farm animals. Many were sick from expo- sure and from consuming polluted water and gar - bage. Almost all were frightened and depressed.” McNiff brought one cat home with her and named it Slidell. In 2009, when a puppy mill burned down in southern Missouri, leaving about 200 dogs without shelter or food, McNiff jumped into action again. She and another volunteer drove to the site with a trailer full of dog crates and joined the effort to gather the animals and prepare them for transport to rescue groups outside the area. An office manager for the St. Louis chapter of

Hadassah, McNiff also designs and creates jewelry. She markets her work locally and at nancdesigns, and she donates pieces to nonprofits (including pet shelters, of course) to be sold at their fundraising events. —PD

kinesiology, in 2009. Their new freedom has allowed them to enjoy fun road trips in their 1967 Lotus. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. As VP of structured finance with Helio Micro Utility, Sue is excited to use her expertise and investor relationships to facilitate renewable energy. Kyle Caparosa is a self-described over- achiever who volunteered to run for PTSA president and spent her summer planning school fundraisers. In her spare time she worked with daughter Wallis, president of her high school junior class, scouting venues and planning the junior prom; husband Joe was also enlisted to help. Janice Baldwin is chair of the fine arts department and teaches film and theater at a private school in Princeton, NJ. She is also a proud member of Actor’s Equity and sings in several cabarets in Philadel - phia and the Bucks County, PA, area. Lauri Landau had a great time visiting Deb Carr Clark and her family, who have a farm and great lifestyle in Rochester, MA. Lynn English Ainsworth and George traveled to France last June to attend the wedding of one of George’s seminary stu- dents; George also taught in a pastoral ministry school while there. The couple then entertained French friends at their home in Waynesboro, VA. They also went tubing (to celebrate their anniversary; they’ve been married 23 years), and Lynn learned to lay floor tile, starting in the laundry room. Bonnie Galagan, a longtime resident of Paris, France, visited Saratoga Springs and Skidmore for the first time since gradua- tion. Her most vibrant memories were of the old campus and certain bars we hung out at that no longer exist, but she en - joyed visiting the Saratoga spas and tour- ing the new campus. Her husband was charmed with Saratoga Springs. Bonnie spent most of the summer in the Boston area, where she grew up. She says, “It’s always a pleasure to be home again and get my fill of the American way of life.” Catherine Offinger was shocked and saddened to learn of the August death of Tad Kuroda, retired Skidmore history pro- fessor. She is grateful that she and other members of our class had the opportunity to talk with him at our last reunion and says, “Age 69 is way too young.” Jennifer Pearman Lammer adds, “He was such a remarkable man—one of Skidmore’s treas- ures.” Scott Wiskoski started a new job as finance manager at the Smith Farm for Healing and the Arts ( She has now worked in all three major


economic sectors: government, for profit, and not-for-profit. Zoë Vose Morsette had an unusually

busy summer in 2010. She built the props for the Shrek musical’s national tour, con- tinues to make fake resin wine for the Addams Family musical, and is now work- ing on NBC’s 30 Rock. Zoë also created cake and spoon costumes for a float in an episode that aired after Columbus Day. Last summer I went to my 40th high school reunion, my first with that group. It was fun renewing old friendships and making new ones; I was reminded how each of us enhances the experience for others—so please consider coming back to Skidmore for our 40th, in 2013! I also spent time touring my old home and neighborhood of Great Neck, NY; it was a memorable experience. Following the reunion, I spent several days with Lauri Landau (and her “four-legged child” Ripley) at her home in Spring Valley, NY. We enjoyed time in NYC, shopping, eat- ing, and talking. We also had lunch and extended conversation with Zoë Morsette. JOANNE RUBIN 6743 MONARCH DRIVE SYLVANIA, OH 43560-3177 JRUBIN610@AOL.COM

Emily Pavlovic Chiles enjoyed a cruise from Venice to Athens with husband Jerry in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary last year. They were happy to report that the political riots in Athens were greatly exaggerated: they stayed near the Parliament Building and noted that the only crowds there were to witness the hourly changing of the guard! They also stopped in Turkey and Croatia. Emily’s family has been caring for her mother, who has Alzheimer’s. One of Emily’s sis- ters and her husband cared for her in her Houston, TX, home for three years after their dad died. They plan to return to Seattle, WA, and another sister has moved to Houston (with her dogs) to take their place. Emily takes care of their mother’s finances and writes that she is grateful her siblings are willing and able to help. Patti Brennan and husband Lou Sirico celebrated the graduation of daughter Laura Sirico ’10 with lots of extended family at Skidmore’s 99th Commencement in May. Other highlights of the weekend were the Parents Council breakfast at the Hall of Springs and a con- cert by Arlo Guth rie and Robin and Linda Williams in the new Arthur Zankel Music Center, commemorating the 50th anniver-


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