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Class Participation 75% Legacy Society 18 / FOP Donors 14

Did you know that we raised more money than any other class in Skidmore history? As members of the Friends of the Presi - dents, my husband and I had the privi- lege of attending the dedication of the Arthur Zankel Music Center in October. Other classmates included Sheila DeNa - dal Salvo, Sue Clark Jorgensen, Bev Sanders Payne, Sue Kettering William - son, Maryann Bruno McCrea, Emily Cross Farnsworth, and board chair Janet Lucas Whitman. We dined as guests of the president in a tent adjacent to the beautiful 600-seat music center. World- famous pianist Emanuel Ax performed Schubert, Schumann, and Haydn and was joined by the Skidmore Orchestra, music faculty, and visiting artists. The evening ended with dessert and fireworks. The fol- lowing morning, we had breakfast on the concert-hall stage named in Emily’s honor for her generous commitment to Skid - more. President Emeritus David Porter gave us a solo piano performance. I heard from Gail Wheeler and Nancy

Rae Scully, asking for another mini-re - union luncheon. Maryann Bruno McCrea and I talked about joining with the West - chester gals in January. We have in the past had as many as 40 attendees between the two groups. If anyone else from neigh - boring states (e.g., New Jersey, Connecti - cut, Massachusetts) is interested, please e-mail or call me at 212-744-4044. In October Gail Wheeler and Bob were wined and dined in Italy’s Umbria region, where her stepson owns some vineyards. Gail sees Cynthia Magriel Wetzler, with whom she “shares a passion for local mu - seums and good ‘feminist’ conversation.” Cynthia has just written a children’s book. Last summer Anne Sawyer Manners

had a visit from daughter Kathy and grandsons Zachary, 8, and Koby, 6, who live in London. Anne met up with class- mates Doris von Conta and Anna Wake - field Milano. They went to the Cape for a holiday and are planning a visit with Janet Hansen. Anne, who also sees Carol Copeland Sullivan at her church and Barbara Engster Sullivan at the Wellesley Garden Club, sends her best to everyone. Jane Knight Hence lives in Newport,

RI, and sometimes misses the old days in NYC. She writes, “I continue with painting and house design work and also write and photograph for a small local quarterly. I still take classes here and there and enjoy it all.” Last summer she went to Sicily with some other painters. Along with visiting Rome, she took her daughter


and two 12-year-old granddaughters to Amsterdam, where they stayed in a friend’s apartment. Jane has also paid vis- its to Patty O’Rourke Dunbar Murrell, Helen Vaughn Meyer, and Gail Beere Jenks Minkin. Divorced twice, with three grown children living nearby, Jane has four grandchildren. Charon Perry Sisler spent the summer with husband Glenn in the Northeast, then the Midwest, then Rhode Island to visit sister Cynthia Perry Newton and family, then to New Jersey, where son Chris and his family live. The trip ended in Wisconsin, where all the family gathered for the 65th anniversary party of her brother and his wife. They returned home to Ponte Verde Beach, FL, and had three weeks of visits from both children and all four grandchildren, ages 3 to 6. In Sep - tember, Charon and Glenn spent 12 days cruising the Danube River, stopping in Prague and Budapest. The trip was fo cused on music and composers of central Europe. Then they stayed home a while, to work for candidates in the November elections. Anne Henszey Pyle reports that she and husband Ken made their “annual trek down the coast to Carmel, CA, and the Bach Festival where Ken took me on our first date 52 years ago.” In July classmate Helen Earsy Pechacek

and husband Bob celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a villa in St. Tho - mas; 15 family members joined in the cel- ebration.

Jean Lockwood Davidge was sorry to miss our 50th reunion. Her 98-year-old aunt, Marjorie Yetter Walls ’33, died, and so she could not attend. Jean says Marge “attended her 75th Skidmore reunion on her feet with all her faculties. She was an amazing woman!” Last March, Jean vaca- tioned in Nevis and stayed in a friend’s guest house on a five-acre plantation. Jean saw Jane Knight Hence at a party in New - port, RI, last year. Sadly, Jean also wrote that she is fighting a new cancer following an operation at Dana Farber. She is having chemo in California near her two chil- dren. The class wishes her well. Barbara Ann Hansen has wonderful memories of our top-notch 50th reunion. She loved seeing classmates and reminisc- ing and is proud to be a Skidmore grad. Barbara Brownell is still glowing from

the 50th. She continues to enjoy good health, wonderful friends, a loving part- ner, and a great family. Jane Johnson Fear reports she is having

“a wonderful life.” Retired, she lives in Southampton, NY, where she enjoys lots of lovely beach walks, tennis, golf, and

regular visits from her two sons and their wives and her five grandchildren. Jane encourages anyone in the area to help support Pianofest, a wonderful summer music festival with participants from all over the world. Barbara Huge Homeier went to Maine

last summer and enjoyed the cooler weather. Helen Halpern Lerner teaches nursing

at Lehman College and is a pediatric nurse practitioner. For vacation, she and her husband spent a week in August at Lake George, NY, with their children and grandchildren and had a great time. Joan Cangelosi Kicska and I meet fre- quently in the Hamptons. Her oldest son lives in Seattle with his wife and little girl, Joan’s first grandchild. Joan and I are sup- porting the airlines as we both fly to the West Coast to see grandchildren. My son lives in the city with his wife and two girls, ages 3 and 1. My daughter and her son Zach, 2—who looks so much like my husband and is very outgoing and a lot of fun—have moved to Los Angeles, CA, because of her husband’s work. I encourage you all to join Skidmore’s Friends of the Presidents. I have gained more than I ever expected from doing so myself. My husband and I have been invited to wonderful evenings in NYC, with Skidmore students performing. We feel the warmth and comfort of talking with other alums, meeting new friends, and reuniting with old ones. Feel free to call me for more info. CAROLYN BROWN STRAKER 500 E. 83RD STREET NEW YORK, NY 10028-7208 MOMSTRAKER@AOL.COM


Class Participation 83% Legacy Society 16 / FOP Donors 37

Betsy Bromfield Woodard visited with Anne Costales Foy, Barbara Henry Bag - nall, and Lynn Lamont Beckman at Anne’s summer home in Maine. Betsy also took a train trip across the Alps from Italy to Germany last year. She volunteers in an inner-city school three days a week. Visiting her grandchildren in July was a

joy for Sue Besunder Stier. In August she participated in the introductory workshop of a program called Kohenet: Finding the Divine Feminine in Judaism. She celebrat- ed the September holidays with her fam - ily. A new board member of a spiritual life center, she is also taking a class in pas- toral counseling. She asks, “Who said re - tirement was boring?” Cherry Talbot Morjikian, Booty Jaeger Bourne, and Elaine Perlman Cohen

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