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from friends from France and Vermont. Despite the heat wave, they enjoyed tour- ing NYC, visiting museums (including the bamboo roof exhibit at the Met) and sa - voring good dining. In October, while in Baltimore for a workshop, she visited sev- eral Washington, DC, museums and heard the National Symphony Orchestra. Car - olyn is on the NYC Bar’s Committee on Legal Issues Affecting People with Disa - bilities and on Columbia Law School’s 45th-Reunion Committee. Last summer Nancy Smith Bushnell spent time in Maine with Mollie Klee Heron and Bebe Bentley Brower before heading to Denver, CO, to visit her daugh- ter and her family and then Steamboat Springs to hang out with Jackie Fernald Montgomery ’63. Great fun was had by all. Despite hitting the golf course numer- ous times, Nancy says her game does not seem to improve; still, she’s “having a ball!” In October she and husband Vic cruised for two weeks in the Mediterran - ean, from Venice to Athens. She says life is good and invites classmates to visit in Sarasota, FL. Californians Lynn Garrett Meyer and George started their summer with a visit to friends in Germany, followed by a great Friendship Force Exchange to Pau, France, before meeting up with their daughter and going on to Barcelona, Spain, for sev- eral days. In June it was off to the AAUW Tech Trek Science Camp for Girls, for a week of camp nursing and fun at Sonoma State College. In August the Meyers head- ed east for family reunions in Syracuse and Albany and a super mini-reunion in the Adirondacks with Sally Simmons Stoerr and Katrine DeMaria Kretser. Lynn and George hosted a delightful French teacher for 10 days and also en joyed a bit of whitewater rafting with their grand- daughters. In August they took a quick trip to Monterey, returning by Redwood City to visit Nancy Cutter Parker and Bill in their new location. September took them back east to Montreal to be with their daughter after the premature deliv- ery of baby Cartier, who is doing well. While George had a meeting in Boston, Lynn took the opportunity for a chatty lunch and lots of catching up (after 40 years) with Laura Stanley. Felicia Axelrod spent the last two weeks

of August in Tanzania and saw the wilde- beest migration firsthand. Husband Robert, children John and Vicki, and their spous- es and four grandchildren, ages 6 to 10, accompanied her. It was a fabulous time. In October the Dysautonomia Foundation honored her for 40 years of clinical care

and research in the field of familial dysau- tonomia, a genetic disorder that has been her primary interest as a physician. Mary Briggs Segall lives in Seattle, WA,

close to her 6-year-old granddaughter, and consults in international health and development. She is happy to be able to combine family and work. Mary will be heading off for an assignment in Armenia, Jordan, and the West Bank. In August Joan Todd Lewis and husband Bob enjoyed traveling to the Galápagos, taking a side trip to the Ecuadorian rain- forest. They welcomed grandson Robert last March. Sally Oppenheim Lebowich works for a fraternal organization that supports the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Ben and I and grandchildren ages 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 (one girl, the rest boys) spent several weeks at the family summer cot- tage on Lake George, NY. Ben and I then drove to Orlando, FL, via Atlanta to meet our son Marshall, wife Nichole, and their three boys (3, 5, and 7) for a week of Dis - ney, Sea World, and Universal Studios. I must say, we old folks did as well as the kids in the heat. We put the gang back on the airplane and drove back to New Hamp - shire via a brother’s home in Hilton Head, SC. In September my daughter Jennifer and husband Andy had their third child, son Christian; as Nana, I babysat while she was in the hospital for the C-section. I then returned for a week in October to assist her while Andy was out of town. We’ve been landscaping and putting fin- ishing touches on our new home. SUSAN SAMBROOK BERRY 402 NH ROUTE 25A WENTWORTH, NH 03282 603-764-9802 LCDRSSBERRYRET@YAHOO.COM

Ronnie Zolondek Bramesco Suekoff and Art were headed to Australia and New Zealand in November with Patty Fore - man Balbirer and her husband, also Art. The foursome have had a great time cruis- ing together before. Ronnie and Art also had dinner with Sandy Wilbert Fleisch - man and Tom in the Hamptons this sum- mer. As usual, they had lots of fun. While there, they stayed at the home of Carolyn Brown Straker ’59, a dear friend from NYC. Ronnie also spent a delightful evening with Alex Carver and Michael Spielman. Ronnie had a blast working for the Census Bureau for a few months; the office was just two blocks from her apart- ment, a perfect commute. It turned out


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that the mother of one of her colleagues there graduated from Skidmore in 1936. Ronnie Suekoff shared the sad news

that Sue Rose Clark died in June. A mu - tual friend had gotten the word from Sue’s son. We send our sympathies to him and Sue’s entire family. Nancy Lamb Fitzgerald and husband

Art retired to Wilmington, NC, in 2003. They play golf and stay active in the edu- cational, historical, and cultural life of the city. They say Wilmington is a great place to live. The class sends condolences and love to Laura Young, whose husband Tom Aprile, a well-known sculptor who taught with Laura at the University of Iowa, died sud- denly in his sleep in September. DEBORAH FRANKEL REESE PO BOX 110 SOUTH STRAFFORD, VT 05070 BYBYNJ@GMAIL.COM


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Sue Wilkinson Hunter and her husband enjoy retirement in Greenville, SC. After living in lots of snow states, she says, “It’s a relief to not have to drive in the white stuff.” Sue keeps in touch with Theo Smyth Page and Micki Syzdek Bakken. Theo is in Rhode Island and has three grandkids; Micki lives in Hendersonville, NC, and has two grandkids. Sue, who recently welcomed her first grandchild, says the wait was worth it. Calvin is 6 months old and lives in Denver, CO, with the Hunters’ daughter Allison and her husband, Jason. The entire family gath- ered in a rented house in Breckenridge for Thanksgiving. Sue is struggling with atrial fib and wonders if anyone else is. Over the summer Judith Pick Eissner hosted lots of friends and family, includ- ing a 6-year-old grandson who, after spending two weeks with his grandpar- ents, became quite enamored with golf, which was fun to watch. In September, Judy spent three nights at the Mohonk Mountain House in the Catskills with Skidmore friends from Peabody Hall: Linda Hamm Adams, Linda Hellmich Brink, Sophie Tompkins Dena, Jane Resnick Drucker, Molly Brister Haley, Ginny Rasmussen Leone, Lilless Mc - Pher son Shilling, and Lynne Stevens Shafer. They enjoyed the activities but mostly liked just being together. Carol Krentzman Ginsburg and hus-

band Steve spent weekends at their Berk - shire home this summer. Their children and granddaughter Charley, 4, joined them on several weekends. Carol and


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