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Piscataqua River, near Portsmouth. She enjoys gardening (and membership in two garden clubs) as well as traveling. Last March, while she and her husband were in Amman, Jordan, they discovered they were sojourning with Cindie Holmes Hermes and her husband, Frank. Although Carolyn had not known Cindie at Skid - more, it was great to make a new friend and share memories of college days. Bonnie Vancelette Hamilton’s husband, Colin, retired from his busy orthopedic surgery practice. Bonnie, a part-time li - censed clinical social worker, is delighted to have Colin home. They bought their dream home on the water and have lots of fun fishing and boating. Bonnie’s Vir - ginia Beach home was one of five chosen to be open to the public for a special viewing day. Son Trevor Hamilton ’93 lives in Madison, NJ, with his wife, daugh- ter, and son. Son Scott has a PhD and is a practicing psychologist. Elizabeth Sherman Brewster and hus-

band Jeff live on their tugboat during the summer, often traveling the Hudson River to Lake Champlain. They spend time with Shelley Randall Riley and her husband whenever they pass through the Saratoga area. The Brewsters are both retired from teaching. Diane Burko will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women’s Caucus for Art, a national organization for women in the visual arts professions, which she co-founded in 1972. I still practice matrimonial law in Ply - mouth County, MA. Also, I wrote Divorce with Dignity, which is premised on the idea that there is a kinder, gentler way to part with a spouse than costly, painful lit- igation. The book describes alternative options for divorcing couples. ANN C. LODOLCE LODOLCE & ASSOCIATES 1350 BELMONT STREET, SUITE 104 BROCKTON, MA 02301 ALODOLCE@JUNO.COM


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Carol Ciccone Gardner was hosted by Susan Gottlieb Beckerman at her Snow - mass, CO, home. In addition to hiking, catching up, and seeing the beautiful Rockies, they attended opening night at the Aspen Music Festival, had lunch with Robert Siegel, anchor of NPR’s All Things Considered, and spent an inspirational afternoon with the artists in residence and staff at the Anderson Ranch. The visit was a true Rocky Mountain high! Pam Scharmann Stewart and Doug

enjoyed a cruise in Alaska during the summer and traveled to San Francisco, CA, to help with a new granddaughter. Tucson, AZ, residents Linda Nard Cald -

well and Stan attended the wedding of Nancy Mersfelder Mann’s son Michael in Niantic, CT, last summer. It was a fun celebration on the beach, with a bluegrass band and barbecue. After a visit with fam- ily in Amherst, MA, the Caldwells returned to Madison, CT, so Linda and Nancy could spend more time catching up. Lin - da has also been getting to know several younger alumni living in Tucson; one of them, Catherine Lumenello ’95, spoke about qigong healing at a November alumni event that Linda and Stan hosted at their home. Gail Tully Owen says turning 65 caused some anxiety but “after nailing down all the Medicare stuff, we went off to Kauai, HI, to celebrate!” She marked her birthday there with a sunset sail along the Na Pali coast, a “gorgeous experience.” Son Peter, who lives on Oahu, joined the couple for a week of fun. Back home in Portland, OR, Gail has been taking classes in Iyen - gar yoga and says she is “stronger and more supple” than she’s been in years. The practice helps with the minor aches associated with her work as a horticulture volunteer at the Portland Japanese Garden —“a beautiful, serene place to be even if you are weeding!” Gail encourages any- one exploring the city to visit this land- mark. Chris Leader Hoffmeister and George

had a nice visit with Ellen Hebel Kimmel in Morristown, NJ. Chris and George en - joyed a trip to Italy, and Ellen went to China with friends. Barbara Feuchter had a lovely summer tutoring a second-grader in reading, visit- ing a good friend in Richmond, VA, and traveling to Old Orchard Beach, ME, for a mini-vacation. BJ says, “Traveling alone can be an adventure!” After 25 years in Dartmouth’s develop- ment office, Rita Camera Johnson took early retirement last June. In July daugh- ter Amy was married at Rita’s Vermont home. Earline Furber Rubel and her hus- band were among the attendees. Rita is enjoying her newfound leisure; she is working on her golf game and taking art courses. Husband Edwin plans to join her in retirement this year. Six years ago, Mimi Novick Sweet and

her husband retired from their interior construction business and moved to Long - boat Key, FL. They enjoy the Gulf of Mex - ico beachfront, playing tennis, going to concerts, and reading books. Mimi super-

vised the construction of the lobby of their residence. Nancy Apthorp Paterson and Midge Fraser Kral were Skidmore’s representa- tives to the Denver area’s College for a Day event, held last January at the city’s Botanic Gardens. In August Sandy Harrod Frigon went to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in Peru, a trip planned by Linda Raze County through her Journeys Off the Tourist Track travel business. Elizabeth Corcoran DeMarco and Sandy had taken one of Linda’s trips to Bali several years ago. Sandy celebrated July 4 by viewing fireworks from a 10-man canoe on the Charles River in Boston. The canoe got so close to the action that Sandy had soot on her clothes. Martha Drexler Osler realized she was not ready to retire and resumed her for- mer job as head of PR for a Cambridge educational nonprofit in September. She travels to Oakland, CA, to see her new granddaughter. She still plays tenor sax in two big bands, the Mood Swings (all women) and the Soft Touch Dance Band (mostly men). “It is great fun to play at weddings, fundraisers, and senior commu- nities—where I’m the same age as many of the residents!” Martha also had sad news to share: Nancy Goldman Diamond passed away in October from brain cancer. Mar tha writes, “She passed away with hus- band Stephen and caregiver Joyce by her side, in their home in Maine. Stephen told me that the end came without discom- fort.” We extend condolences to Stephen, daughter Jill, and Martha’s sister Joanne. In October Marsha Sussman Connell

and I hosted an alumni gathering at Mar - sha’s home studio in Santa Rosa, CA, as part of the 25th Annual Sonoma Art Trails. Marsha has participated in this event for many years. LORRAINE RORKE BADER 146 SHRADER STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94117-1017 415-386-2121 LORRAINE.BADER@GMAIL.COM

Barbara Allen Nearpass’s daughter Mere - dith, who graduated from Union College, relocated to Salt Lake City, UT, to work for a biotech company and started a bio - tech master’s program at Johns Hop kins. Daughter Morgan got married in Alexan - dria, VA, last August. Patty Reynolds and Katie Miller Pryor were guests at the wedding; Barbara said it was great to see them both.

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