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Jason Hackett is chief marketing officer at New York Cruise Lines, the folks who bring you Circle Line, World Yacht, the Beast, and Pier 81. He lives in NYC with his wife and two daughters. He was recent- ly in touch with Liz Margulies and Jim Kramer. He also ran into Naomi Vladeck at Stone Barns Agriculture Center and Farm in Pocantico Hills. Paige Pagnucco-Weed lives in Logan,

UT, with her husband and three kids. She is a consultant for the Utah Avalanche Center, doing outreach, education, and forecasting, and also for Wasatch Wind, helping with a commercial-scale wind farm in Wyoming. Paige says she loves both of her jobs, and her life is always busy. She and her family enjoy the mountains and do a lot of skiing when the snow falls. She encourages classmates traveling out her way to look her up. Liv Cummins wrote the book and lyrics

to Vanishing Point, a musical about the lives of Agatha Christie, Amelia Earhart, and Aimee Semple-McPherson that was pre- sented by Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama. She co-wrote a cabaret song for Brooklyn’s Got Character(s), which was pre- sented by a nonprofit cooperative started by alums of her graduate musical-theater writing program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She teaches theater and English at Lesley University, where she coordinates an internship program for humanities majors. She also runs a not-for-profit performing arts group in New York’s Columbia County, producing the variety show Saturday Night Liv. She and husband Sandy live in Hud - son, NY, with cats Zorro and Carmella. Liv invites classmates to come see their pop- rock musical The Big One at Columbia- Greene Community College in April. After nearly eight months of remodeling, Laura Oppenheimer-Carlier and husband Laurent moved into the home they bought in Brussels, Belgium. Son Felix, 1, has his own blog, Laura says motherhood suits her very well. JANET MACAULAY REARDON 2829 EAGLE STREET SAN DIEGO, CA 92103-5421 JANETREARDON@HOTMAIL.COM


Class Participation 24% Legacy Society 4 / FOP Donors 8

In Trumbull, CT, Whitney Savage Tosh and husband Stewart welcomed daughter Cameron on September 21; she joins brother Owen, 2. Whitney is a meeting planner at Wings Unlimited in Darien, CT; her husband is a property and casualty sales executive at Pierson and Smith in Norwalk. The family spent the summer


getting to know their new neighborhood pool and lake.

Dina Silver Pokedoff is external com- munications manager for Saint-Gobain in North America, a company founded in 1665 to manufacture glass for the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. It operates in 64 countries and employs over 190,000 people. Dina is based at the company’s US headquarters near Philadel - phia. Dina, a French-government major, is fulfilling a lifelong dream to use her French language skills in a business set- ting. She remembers traveling with fellow Skiddies to Versailles and seeing the Hall of Mirrors and now observes, “It’s funny how life comes full circle!” Gwen and Omay Elphick live in Rhode Island. They built a wooden sailboat a few years ago and enjoy sailing it on the Bay and in the Adirondacks during the sum- mer. Their kids, ages 6 and 3, attend a local Montessori school. Fletcher Kent ’94 came over for dinner, and Omay hung out with Jeff Ziter ’94 in Maine in August. Omay works for Alteris Renewables, developing commercial solar projects in southern New England. He would love to connect with other Skiddies in the renewable business and can be contacted at oelphick@alteris-

Last summer Didi Linburn was a clinical social worker in the pediatric intensive care unit at UCSF Children’s Hospital. She lives in Berkeley, CA, with Tim Alley; they were married in November. Allyson Segal Crystal and husband Gary live in Watchung, NJ, with children Ben, 14, Nate, 12, and Sarah, 10. Allyson runs the grant department of a local educational foundation. Michael Judd enjoyed a weekend at the Sagamore Resort on Lake George, NY, after picking his kids up from a sleep-over camp in the Adirondacks. It brought back memo- ries of his Skidmore days. Michael enjoys life on Maryland’s eastern shore. Any and all are welcome to stop by. Geoff Hunt spent six weeks traveling around Australia with 10 teenagers from all over the United States (as well as Palestine and Australia) as part of his job with the Experiment in International Living. They spent a few days in Sydney, lived with fam- ilies in Adelaide for 12 days, drove through the outback for 10 days of bush-camping, and flew north to Cairns for five days in the city and rainforest, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, and throwing spears and boomerangs. After the students went home, Geoff took a few days to visit Cape Tribulation. He remarks, “All in all, not a bad way to make a living.”

Married for 16 years, Terry Dubow and Kirsten Fawcett-Dubow ’94 decided not to take their talents to South Beach but to happily stay put in Cleveland, OH. They recently reconnected with Jeff Resnick, who lives three miles away. They took an epic summer road trip to Yellowstone with daughters Madeline, 10, and Lillian, 7, stopping in St. Louis to see Dave Drebes. Kirsten is preparing for her first marathon, and Terry is finishing his second novel— both of which, they state, are “hopeful pre- dictions.”

Ericka Rutenberg Adler and husband traveled to London for the wedding of Camille Sexton ’94. The couples spent a great week together. Also at the wedding were Corinne McCue Olmstead ’94 and her husband. In addition, Ericka had din- ner with Niels Verbeek ’95 and his wife; they had a great time catching up. Hillary Feerick Hillenbrand and Jeff Hillenbrand have launched a children’s book series, The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach. Compelled by the difficulties of raising children in a junk-food world, they created a cool, healthy-eating role model for chil- dren, using their expertise in health (Jeff’s BS in exercise science) and writing (Hil - lary’s BA and MA in English). See “Creative Thought at Work” at right. In August Barry and Amy Schoenberg Segel learned that son Jack, 1, has a knack for picking winners at the Saratoga races. Jack also checked out the Skidmore cam- pus, to see where Mommy and Daddy met. Jeff Resnick joined the Be the Match Registry, which collects stem cells for trans- plant. Jeff donated cells to treat a 55-year- old woman with non-Hodgkin’s lym- phoma. First he had blood tests and a full physical and had to take a drug to “rev up” his bone marrow to produce white cells. In a four-hour process, his blood was filtered and centrifuged to remove the cells needed for the transplant, and everything else was cycled back into his system. It was quite an experience for Jeff, whose dad received stem cells via this procedure. Sadly, his dad passed away, but Jeff says, “This is kind of a tribute to him.” I too have joined the registry, in an attempt to be the match for a high school classmate’s child. Meredith Miller Mestre and George Mestre ’95 welcomed son Alexander last February. George is a director at PNC Capital Markets, and Meredith is a residen- tial sales agent for Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. They would love to hear from other Skidmore alums in the Cleve - land, OH, area and can be contacted at Tricia Newman Hines spent the fall

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