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Introduction to Christian Mysticism and Medi-
Yoga and Movement – 5:30pm. Experience the
Beginner Belly Dance and Beyond – 7-8pm. w/
tation – 7:30-9pm. Covering the topics of: The
unique individual attention and support of private yoga
Katerina. Revive Wellness Center Studio. 867 Whal-
Inner Path, Prayer, Meditation, Blessing, Light
and movement instruction. Learn to relax, renew and
ley Ave. New Haven. 203.387.1540.
and Soul. Includes instruction in meditation. Free.
rejuvenate at a comfortable pace. Limbus Center. 291
Beginning Yoga – 7-8:15pm. w/Aja. Ideal for new
Pre-registration requested. The Center of Light. 844
Whitney Ave. Ste. 302. New Haven. 203.562.4711.
yoga students. Explore yoga fundamentals with a
Grand Ave. New Haven. 203.785.9085.
Forrest Basics with Heidi Sormaz – 5:30-7pm.
focus on breathing exercises, pose alignment and
Learn to make space in the joints and alleviate the pain,
simple flow sequences. Class pace is gentle and
tightness and stiffness that accumulate throughout the
compassionate. Turning Point Yoga. 167 Neck Rd..
day. New student special $20/3-classes. Fresh Yoga.
Madison. Info: 206.898.1362.
319 Peck St. New Haven. Info: 203.464.3387.
Hatha Yoga at Inner Light Studio – 7-8:15pm. A
Planetary Meditation for Peace (Twin Hearts) –
moderately past flowing investigation of postures
Meditation and Communion – 6am. Free. Open 6pm. Spiritually based, stress-relieving, uplifting
and breath. Energize and renew body, mind and
to all. The Center of Light. 844 Grand Ave. New and peaceful experience. $5. Sitka Wellness Center.
spirit. All levels. 938 State St. New Haven. Info:
Haven. Info: 203.785.9085. 64 Cherry St. Milford. Info: 203.876.7200.
Zumba at Inner Light Studio – 9:15am. Start the Wednesday Night Vinyasa – 6-7:15pm. w/Monica.
Restorative Yoga– 7:15-8:30pm. w/Ellen Lenson.
day with fun movement. Simple routines. Latin A powerful flow class. Poses combined w/breath
Move the mind and body away from normal activ-
dance and music featuring interval training. Burn work the body and engage the mind. Yoga On Whit-
ity. Practice a variety of supported asanas (forward
calories while having a blast. 4 classes weekly. All ney. 2693 Whitney Ave. Hamden. 203.230.0026.
bends, backbends, twists, inversion); poses held 5-20
Levels welcome. 938 State St. New Haven. Info:
minutes. New student special $30/3 classes. Fresh
Community Yoga – 6-7:20pm. w/Stephanie. Be
Yoga.319 Peck St. New Haven.
part of a spirited, neighborhood Hatha yoga class
Yoga – 9:30-10:30am. Gentle yoga, all welcome. where all are welcome. Opening poses w/mellow
Yoga Flow – 7:30-8:50pm. w/Jerrod Smith. An
Offered in 3 weeks sessions for $45. Compassionate flow, emphasis on breath. Awaken joy. $12 Drop-in.
excellent class for all levels who want a flowing
Hands Holistic. 22 Park Pl/Meadow St. Naugatuck. Class cards available. Short Beach Union Church.
practice to refresh the body and mind. New students
Info: 203.723.2552. 14 Pentecost St. Branford. 203.215.9141.
$33/3 classes. Your Community Yoga Center. 39
Gentle Yoga
Putnam Ave. Hamden. 203.287.2277.
– 9:30-10:45am. Experience an indi-
vidualized and supportive approach to yoga practice
in a small class size that allows one to evolve at a
comfortable pace. Limbus Center. 362 Whitney Ave.
New Haven. Info: 203.562.4711.
Gentle Yoga – 10-11am. Balanced Body Chiroprac-
tic Center. Balanced Body Chiropractic Center. 223 Bellydancing w/Maroznia – Posture, rhythms and
Meadow St. Naugatuck. Info: 203.723.5715. basic Middle Eastern movements will be practiced.
Infant Massage and Baby Yoga – 10:30-11:30am.
Learn to reconnect with the body, build confidence
w/Marcia Calisman. Massage and exercise with
and camaraderie amongst sisters in dance. $15/drop-
baby, in a fun and healthy way. Enhancing bond-
in. $78/6-class card. Diversified Physical Therapy.
ing and relieve common discomforts. 6 sessions.
Meriden. Info: 203.639.8266.
Riverdog Yoga. 954 Middlesex Tpke. Old Saybrook. Meditation and Communion – 6am. Free. Open
Register: 203.300.6457. to all. The Center of Light. 844 Grand Ave. New
Belly Dancing – 12-1pm. All levels welcome. Of-
Haven. Info: 203.785.9085.
fered in 3 weeks sessions for $45. Compassionate Yoga Class! – 9-10:30am. w/Jim. Increase strength,
Hands Holistic 22 Park Pl/Meadow St. Naugatuck. stamina, flexibility without pain! Take it from a
Info: 203.723.2552.
Hypnosis to reduce stress, stop smoking and
former Marine Corps Sergeant who switched from
Emei Wujigong Qigong Group Practice – 12- finally lose the weight – 6:30-9pm, or by appoint-
“no pain, no gain” to “No Pain, All Gain” phi-
1pm. All abilities welcome. First class free. Regu- ment. w/Barbara D’Addio. Balance 4 Optimal
losophy. Your Community Yoga Center. Hamden.
larly $5 fee. Holistic Therapies. 15 South Elm St. Health. 5 Foxon Rd. North Branford. Info/Pricing:
203.882.0801, or 203.287.2277.
Wallingford. Info: 203.265.0688. Barbara 203.484.0203. Kripalu Yoga in Guilford – 9-11am. w/Joanne
Power Hike Club – 12:10-12:50pm. Join Bent of Vinyassa Flow Yoga – 7pm. w/Dennis. Moder-
Devitto. A low key, gentle, nurturing class. Students
the River naturalists Jim Drennan or Chris Cohen ate level class. $120/10-week series. $15/session.
choose their own level of intensity that suits their
for a vigorous hike of the Audubon Center’s trails. Diversified Physical Therapy. 1260 East Main St.
ability. Suitable for all ages, ability levels. $15/class.
$20/ 12 monthly classes. Audubon Center Bent Meriden. Info: 203.630.3939.
Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health. 35 Boston
of the River. Southbury. Registration required:
St. Info: Joanne 203.488.0394.
Creative Movement/Kripalu Danskinetics – 7pm.
203.264.5098 ext. 308.
w/Laurel White, certified instructor. Movements
Prenatal Yoga w/Lauren – 9:45-11am. Prenatal
On-site Farmstand at Common Ground – 1:30- designed to restore wellness to mind, spirit and
yoga adapts some traditional yoga postures, called
4:30pm. Come to an on-site farmstand at Common body. Open blocked creative channels, rediscover
asanas, in order to meet the needs and changes of
Ground featuring organic vegetables, herbs, fruit one’s moveable-self and reduce stress. $12/class.
pregnancy. Yoga On Whitney. 2693 Whitney Ave.
and flowers. Common Ground. 358 Springside Ave. Yurt. The Sanctuary. 59 Bogel Rd. East Haddam.
Hamden. 203.230.0026.
New Haven. 203.389.4333 ext 213. Info/Register: 860.434.3361. Infant Massage and Baby Yoga – 10-11am. w/
Healthy Kid’s Cooking Classes – 4:30-6pm. w/ Dance Off!! The Pounds!! – 7-8pm. w/Stacey Bob-
Marcia Calisman. Massage and exercise baby, in a
Robin Glowa, HHC, “The Conscious Cook”. Bal- bit. A fun dance aerobics class. Enjoy these classes
fun and healthy way. Enhancing bonding and relieve
ance 4 Optimal Health. 5 Foxon Rd. North Branford. while getting the body ready for spring and summer.
common discomforts. 6 sessions. Balance 4 Opti-
Info: 203.393.1037. $12/walk-in, or $55/6 classes. Full Circle Healing,
mal Health. 5 Foxon Rd. North Branford. Register:
Pre-Natal Yoga – 5-6pm. w/Courtney. For the God-
LLC. 16 Main St. Ste. 203. Durham. 860.301.4200.
dess Mother! Soothing practice not only stretches, Yoga – 7-8pm. Gentle yoga, all welcome. Offered
Yoga with Childcare – 11am-12pm (Saturdays:
lengthens and calms, but also prepares for birth / in 3 weeks sessions for $45. Compassionate Hands
8am). Easy flowing, yet challenging, adult yoga
children in a spiritual way. No yoga experience Holistic. 22 Park Pl/Meadow St. Naugatuck. Info:
class. Children enjoy separate kids yoga or child
necessary. $12/drop-in. Raven’s Wing Yoga. 19 203.723.2552.
care. Rejuvenate body, mind. Registration requested.
South Main St. Branford 203.488.YOGA.
$16 or $18. Blend Creative Center for Kids. 1120
Main St. Branford. 203.481.8907.
40 New Haven/Middlesex Counties
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