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Workshop: Have You Had a Spiritual Experi-
ence? – 9:30-11:30am. Explore dreams, visions,
Watercolor Workshop: Garden Studies – 10am.
and divine love. Try a spiritual exercise, and share
w/Betsy Rogers-Knox, Botanical Artist. Learn a
stories. Learn to access inner wisdom for truth and
step-by-step approach to drawing, rendering plants
answers. Free. Crowne Plaza Hotel. Cromwell.
in watercolor. $60. Reservations required. Bellamy-
Ferriday House and Garden. 9 Main St. Bethlehem.
Reiki III Class – 10am-4pm. (7/25 or 8/22). 1 full-
day or 2 half-days/evenings. Make crystal healing
Woodbridge Summer Concerts – 6-8pm. Angelo
grid, learn aura clearing, reiki moving meditation,
L. Ruggiero performs a blend of 50’s/60’s music,
master symbol attunement. Free consultation.
including tunes of Sinatra, Bennett, Martin and Cole.
$200. Personal Harmony and Health. 8 Whispering
Bring picnic/lawn chairs for an enjoyable, entertain-
Pines Dr. Wallingford. 203.284.1204.
ing evening. (Rain venue: Center Gym). Free. 11
Meetinghouse Ln. Woodbridge. 203.289.3446.
Growing up Green – 1-2pm. The essential room-
by-room guide to a greener, healthier family and
home. Classes for families from preconception
through pregnancy and postpartum. Preferred Pe-
diatrics. 88 Noble Ave. Ste. 101. Milford. Info: Dr.
Mediumship classes – 10am-12pm. Connect with
Diana Lopusny 203.874.2800.
loved ones who have crossed over, angels, and
spirit guides, through guided meditation. They can
Monthly Metaphysical Movie: The Dalai Lama
still hear when spoken to. See what messages they
Renaissance – 7-9pm. The Dalai Lama invited 40 of
bring. Guided meditation classes also available.
the West’s most innovative thinkers to his Himalayan
Wallingford. Info: 203.435.4398.
residence to discuss solving the world’s problems.
$10. Spirit of Unity Church. 78 North Moodus Rd.
Moodus. 860.575.8797.
The Lunch Bunch – 11am-12pm. An introduction
to the concepts of breastfeeding for the Mom-to-
be that will continue as a breastfeeding support
Connecticut Eckankar Regional Seminar – 9am-
group postpartum. Preferred Pediatrics. 88 Noble
12:30pm. Day three of three-day spiritual seminar.
Ave. Ste. 101. Milford. Info: Dr. Diana Lopusny
Talks, music, and presentation: “Discover Your Po-
tential as a Spiritual Being.” Fellowship and refresh- The garden suggests
ments follow. Newcomers free. Eckankar Temple of
Natural Nurturing Newborn Massage – 3:30-
CT. Rt. 66. Middlefield. 860.346.2226.
4:30pm. Join a group session of babies and care-
there might be a place
givers. Learn different baby cues and how to assist
Gathering of the Raw Foodies II: “Raw Food-
baby through simple massage techniques. Preferred
ies Gone Wild” – 10am-9pm. Fun, educational
Pediatrics. 88 Noble Ave. Ste. 101. Milford. Info:
day. Raw food prep, blueberry picking, wild food,
where we can meet
Dr. Diana Lopusny 203.874.2800.
springwater hunt w/Daniel Vitalis. Lunch and dinner
provided by Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe. Retreat nature halfway.
Thyme & Season Wellness Talk: Antioxidant
Center, Stafford Springs. 203.521.7648.
Power of OPCs. – 7pm. w/Richard LeFebvre. Why
are antioxidants important? Learn about the power-
Monthly Metaphysical Movie: The Dalai Lama
ful combination of grape seed and pine bark extracts.
Renaissance – 11am-1pm. The Dalai Lama invited
- Michael Pollan
No reservation required. Free. Thyme & Season.
40 of the West’s most innovative thinkers to his
3040 Whitney Ave. Hamden. 203.407.8128.
Himalayan residence to discuss solving the world’s
problems. $10. Spirit of Unity Church. 78 North
Moodus Rd. Moodus. 860.575.8797.
FRIDAY, JULY 24 Reiki II – 12-6pm. w/Anita Jones, Usui Reiki
Connecticut Eckankar Regional Seminar – 7:30-
Master Teacher. Increase reiki energy. Learn basic
9:30pm. Day one of three-day spiritual seminar:
reiki symbols and how to use them. Includes distant
“Have you Had a Spiritual Experience?” Includes
healing. Receive attunement. Materials/certificate
“Stepping into the Secret Kingdom” workshop, plus
included. $150. Tranquil Healing Reiki. 1778 Whit-
inspirational talks, uplifting music. Newcomers
ney Ave. Hamden. 203.415.4791.
free. Eckankar Temple of CT. Rt. 66. Middlefield.
Explore Your Chakras Classes – 7-9pm. (7/27,
SATURDAY, JULY 25 8/24, and/or 9/28). Receive guidance/support by
Market en Plein Air – 9am-3pm. Connecticut-
relating to aura/chakra energies. Listen/respond to
grown flowers, fruits, vegetables, breads, fine
the body’s messages w/ease, grace. Up to 30-minute
cheeses, herbs, specialty foods in a setting modeled
free consultation. $25/class. $20/prepaid. Personal
after outdoor markets in French villages. Part of Old
Harmony and Health. 8 Whispering Pines Dr. Wall-
Lyme’s Midsummer Festival. Florence Griswold
ingford. 203.284.1204.
Museum. 96 Lyme St. Old Lyme. 860.434.5572.
Connecticut Eckankar Regional Seminar –
9:15am-9:30pm. Day two of three-day spiritual
seminar. Wonderful, dynamic speakers who inspire
Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation/Discussion
recognition of spiritual experiences. Share a week-
Group – 6:30-8:30pm. (Wed. 7/8, 8.12 and/or Tues.
end filled w/love, inner exploration. Workshops,
7/28) w/Diane Esposito. Release stress, physical/en-
roundtables, talks, music. Newcomers free. Crowne
ergetic clutter, corded energy. Strengthen self-image/
Plaza Hotel. Cromwell. 860.346.2226.
self-esteem, attract abundance. Alternate dates
July 2009 35
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