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Five Water Workouts to Keep You Fit and Cool
In hot summer weather, when the scorching sun and out-of-control humidity threaten
to take a toll on your fitness routine, one good solution is to hit the pool.
by Jodi Helmer
again, counts as a lap. As you become more proficient,
ou can tailor a water workout to all fitness levels,”
explains Jane Katz, a doctor of education, long-
add more laps and fewer rests. Swimming works shoulders,
time professor of physical education and athletics
triceps, biceps and abdominals.
with City University of New York and author of Your Water
Workout. “It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t exercise
Reward: Burn up to 563 calories in a one-hour workout.
and wants to get started, as well as elite athletes who need
a new challenge.”
Take a Class
Water provides up to 15 times more resistance than
Aqua aerobics isn’t just for senior citizens in rubber bathing
air, so the body has to work a little harder to complete each
caps. These low-impact fitness classes offer a variety of
movement. The result is a workout that improves cardiovas-
effective, all over workouts. Most fitness centers that have
cular fitness, builds strength and develops
pools offer water aerobics and fitness
flexibility—while you feel like you’re
classes, in addition to their lap lanes.
barely breaking a sweat.
One of the biggest benefits of aqua
Here are five water workouts that
aerobics is having someone else design
will inspire you to stay fit and cool for
the workout; all you have to do is play
the summer:
“Water aerobics is a great starting
Swim Like Fish point for someone who’s new to work-
Swimming is one of the best water
ing out in the pool,” says Katz. “The
workouts around, working all the major
instructor can offer suggestions to make
muscle groups as the repetitive motion
the movements easier or more challeng-
of gliding through the water puts you in
ing, so you can tailor the workout to
a state of zen. “Focus on being long and
your fitness level.”
relaxed in the water,” advises Desirée Ficker, professional
triathlete and co-author of The Waterproof Triathlete. “Form
Reward: Burn about 285 calories per hour.
is more important than speed.”
Swim 100-meter laps, alternating between a front
Kick It
stroke, like the crawl, and a backstroke. Aim to swim at
Belly flops off the diving board aside, falling into the water is
least 20 laps, with a 15-second rest between each lap. Two
painless, so it’s a great place to work on balance; all you need
lengths of the pool, from one side to the other and back
is a kickboard. Warm up by holding the kickboard out in front
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