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David Wolfe, Victoras Kulvinskas, Sergi
Boutenko and others have given talks at
the Café for those eager to learn more
about the raw food lifestyle. Glen’s raw
specialties include sandwiches with
onion bread, a combination of sun-
flower and flax seeds, onions, and olive
oil, layered with almond pate, avocados
and tomatoes, with a sprinkle of Raw-
masan. The Cafe offers a range of sand-
wiches, salad, juices and smoothies.
Ice cream free of dairy, soy, sugar, and
gluten is a draw for many customers.
Raw cacao (chocolate), a rich source
of magnesium, vitamin C, iron, and
antioxidants, is a favorite ingredient.
Though primarily buying in bulk
You are What
for the restaurant, Glen also shops
locally at markets such as Edge of the
Woods, Thyme & Season, and Mrs.
You Eat, Drink
Greens. He values area farmer’s mar-
kets for their fresh produce. The Cafe
has tables at two of those local markets,
Wooster Square on Saturday’s, and
Woodmont Market at Robert Treat Farm
by Nancy Cohen
& Think
on Wednesday’s.
For anyone interested in learning
onsuming fruits, vegetables, nuts, these foods into his diet enabled him to
seeds, sprouts, grains and grasses experience the benefits for himself, ul-
more about the raw food lifestyle, Glen
without cooking is HOT accord- timately leading to his desire for a more
suggests David Wolfe’s The Sunfood
ing to Glen Colello. And he should full-fledged raw food lifestyle.
Success Diet System as a mainstay for
know…As owner of Catch A Healthy When asked about “raw foodism”
any raw library. Other influences in-
Habit Café in West Haven, the only challenges, Glen focuses solely on the
clude Dr. Brian Clement, who offers the
all-raw food cafe in Connecticut, he pre- initial foray into this lifestyle. At first, he
science behind the raw food lifestyle,
pares, eats, drinks and thinks raw food. unintentionally lost weight and felt lots
and Bridgette Mars’ book, Rawsome,
A Connecticut native, Glen has of peer pressure. Once educated about
which includes simple raw recipes.
been passionate about raw food for healthier, protein-rich, raw options,
Want to meet other raw foodies locally,
over a decade. Though his initial degree however, he felt better than ever. He
or get exposed to the lifestyle? Glen
was in elementary education, Glen’s searched for others who cared about
recommends his favorite event, Gather-
interest in health ultimately led him to living a healthy lifestyle. Suddenly,
ing of the Raw Foodies, the weekend
the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, there was the benefit of a new group of
of July 25/26 at Clearpoint Center in
where he graduated as a holistic health friends. And he now requires less sleep
Stafford Spring, CT (see July 26 in the
counselor. In this capacity, he serves as for full functioning. “I used to sleep
calendar section for details). Additional-
personal advocate, helping individu- eight hours a night. Now I sleep 6 hours
ly, upcoming events at the Café include
als find foods and lifestyle choices for a night. That is two hours a day of more
Paul Nison discussing his new book,
an energized, balanced existence. He life to live, 14 hours more a week, over
The Daylight Diet, on Sunday, August
discovered, and initiated his journey 700 hours more a year. That allows me
16, and ongoing Sunday night potluck
toward, the raw food lifestyle while to add life to my years!” What amazes
dinners, which take place at 5:30 p.m.
attending a nutrition lecture by David Glen most are people living a partial

Wolfe. David has since become an or completely raw food lifestyle, and Catch A Healthy Habit Café is lo-
inspiration and the person he follows their stories of how much healthier and cated at 487a Campbell Avenue in
for cutting edge information. energetic they feel. West Haven, CT. Café hours are Tues-
Initially, Glen simply introduced Glen opened Catch A Healthy day through Saturday from 11 a.m.
more fruits into his diet, with most Habit Cafe to offer options for enjoying, to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 12 to 6
breakfasts consisting of fruit or fruit learning about, and preparing raw food, p.m. Glen Colello can be reached at
smoothies. He then started adding as well as creating community around 203.521.7648, or by visiting www.
soaked and dehydrated nuts in nut-o-la healthy living. The West Haven location,
mixes, chopped and spread on salads is easily accessible, with sufficient park- or
for lunch and/or dinner. Incorporating ing and room for events. Guests such as See ad page 23.
July 2009 15
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