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hibit for free, will be powered by a bio-diesel generator. Lighting
in parts of the Village will be solar-powered. Vendors will use
compost-able, corn-based plastic cups and flatware.
Music Festival Creates
Tickets range from $60/day to $185/weekend camping
pass, or $420/VIP weekend pass, or free/children 12 and
Good Vibes
under with parent/guardian. For tickets or information, call
athering of
203.908.3030, or visit
t h e V i b e s
is said to be the
Stars Lead Astrologer
northeast’s premier
music, arts and
Back to Connecticut
camping festival.
Begun in 1996 as a
quote attributed to Carl Jung reads “We are born at a given
moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we
celebration of Jerry
have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are
Garcia’s life, the
born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.” Astrology,
annual event pairs
which studies the influence of celestial bodies on behaviors, ac-
legendary artists
tivities or conditions on Earth, is said to be a guide to who people
Crosby, Stills and Nash
with emerging acts
are. Lou Valentino, who has provided astrological readings for
to appeal to a wide cross-section of live music fans. July 23 to
over 20 years, as well as being a spiritual
26 marks the fifth time the 370-acre Seaside Park in Bridgeport
consultant, is pleased to announce his return
hosts the event. This year’s line-up includes a 40th anniversary
to Connecticut after having left Branford in
Woodstock theme with Crosby, Stills and Nash, Bob Weir and
1978. Locals may remember Lou from his
RatDog, Levon Helm, and Master of Ceremonies, Wavy Gravy.
astrological column in Wisdom Magazine,
Also on the main stage will be Buddy Guy, moe, the Harlem
which he wrote for eight years. Now located
Gospel Choir and more. Event activities include: a children’s
in Westbrook, he is offering services combin-
area; “Green Vibes” stage; and craft and food vendors.
ing astrological consultations, yoga practice,
Since its inception, event organizers and fans have sup-
affirmations, guitar lessons, and sound thera-
ported numerous social causes. The past two years combined,
pies. People often ask why they would want
organizers gave over $75,000 to Connecticut charities. In 2008,
Lou Valentino
an astrology reading. Lou’s answer is each
attendees donated 2,500 pounds of non-perishable items to area
consultation points to strengths, weaknesses,
food banks. The festival’s “GreenVibes” environmental initiative
present, and future cycles, which can help people navigate life’s
ranges from on-site recycling to education about current research,
hills and valleys through holistic therapies. In addition to his
development, and progress in the field of alternative energy solu-
healing work, Lou has sustained a daily meditation practice for
tions. Organizers have purchased wind energy to offset festival
over 30 years and is currently writing a book outlining a new
electricity use. A “Sustainability Village,” where non-profits ex-
way of living based on Pleiadian culture.
10 New Haven/Middlesex Counties
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