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Perhaps they are seeking something
else. The real question is: How do we
eat so that we are loving ourselves? To
do that requires some self-examination
and learning to deal with negative
emotions. It can be helpful to become
more aware of how and why we may
use food, focusing on self-care and
improved emotional and physical well-
being, rather than dieting. One method
used throughout the world to heal some
of the underlying emotions that can
lead to unhealthy eating habits is Bach
Flower Remedies.
Bach Flower Remedies
The Bach Flower remedies were discov-
ered by Dr. Edward Bach, a British phy-
sician, in the 1930’s. Dr. Bach believed
that attitude of mind plays a vital role in
maintaining health and recovering from
Emotional Eating
illness. His work focused on treating
the individual,
rather than the
Flower Essence Healing
disease or its
symptoms. By
by katie Campochiaro
mindless eating, and yo-yo dieting often
observing prin-
become health problems and repetitive
ciples that were
here is nothing people do more
often in life than eat. Morning,
cycles for millions of Americans. If food
operative in
noon and night thoughts turn
is supposed to be nourishing to body
nature, he cre-
to food, sometimes like clockwork.
and soul, why do so many people feel
ated a simple
This instinctive craving for sustenance
out of control and develop eating issues?
and effective system using 38 plant
begins early on. From the moment of
and flower essences to help achieve
birth, physical nourish- Emotional Eating
emotional balance. Each remedy is
ment is associated with Our relationship with food
used for a specific emotional state. In
It can be helpful
emotional nourishment. reflects our relationship
liquid form, it is taken orally via drops
When a mother nurses, the
to become more
with self. We may have
throughout the day. The remedies are
infant is held closely, cre-
aware of how and
a high powered job, be
considered a gentle and safe method to
ating feelings of safety and why we may use able to juggle family and
help gain control over emotions in or-
love. The close physical
food, focusing on
household responsibilities,
der to pave the way to healthier eating.
contact of skin on skin and
self-care and im-
and generally have a well
Among Bach remedies that can help
connective gaze is when functioning life. But inse-
with common food issues are:
proved emotional
baby’s first true bond with curities can find expression
another human begins.
and physical
in the way we eat. Stress,
Cherry Plum – Allows one to maintain
Even when fed from a
well-being, rather
and a hectic schedule, force
control and avoid eating that entire box
bottle, the connection that than dieting. us to just “grab and go,”
of cookies;
develops is unmistakable. swallowing whatever is
The need to nurture available. Perhaps we aren’t
Chestnut bud – Helps change repeated
and find nourishment through food con- valuing ourselves enough to make
negative behavior patterns to stop over-
tinues into adulthood. It is only natural, proper meals. Fears and insecurities
eating or dieting cycles;
then, that we relate food with closeness may instigate over-eating, and obesity
and love. We eat at celebrations and may be used as a way of hiding from
Crab Apple – Assists with seeing the
even at times of mourning, providing the world and self. Mindless eating,
body through kinder eyes, accepting
food to comfort those who have lost a being on automatic pilot, can fill a void
the self as is;
loved one. However, body image issues, of boredom or loneliness. How about
overindulgence and actions such as the person seeking every new fad diet?
Walnut – Eases the transition into new
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