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Dining out dilem-
like avocados
mas – Nibbling on
and nut butters,
raw foods
crudités at a restau-
and add warming
rant, while fellow
spices, like cin- film documents
diners cozy up to
namon, ginger and
burgers and fries,
garlic, to dishes.
tempts even the most
Try grating apples,
devoted raw-foodist.
tossing them with
cinnamon and
The raw solution:
ginger and warm- The recent independent film,
Schenck suggests
ing them slightly Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in
printing small cards
in a dehydrator; 30 Days, documents how holistic
that say, “I’m a
no need to wait for physicians Gabriel Cousens and
raw foodist; please
High temperatures winter. Yum. Helen Ross are helping Type 1 and
prepare a large salad
alter the chemical
Type 2 diabetics to reverse their
for me, with fresh,
Time crunch – Raw disease naturally, without pre-
raw vegetables, nuts,
structure of
foods do take lon- scription drugs. Ages of the five
seeds and avocado.”
vital nutrients. ger to prepare, at patients participating in the filmed
Ask the waiter to de-
least initially—and 2008 study ranged from their
liver this special re-
that alone sends early 20s to late 60s. According
quest to the chef. At cocktail or dinner
many people back to the microwave. to a company spokeswoman, they
parties, call the host and ask to bring a
are representative of several dozen
dish to share. Then, whip up a favor-
The raw solution: Spend a couple hours cases that have been treated at
ite raw foods dish that will help keep
on weekends making enough food to last Cousens’ Tree of life Rejuvenation
temptation at bay and may introduce
several days. Focus on easy raw dishes, Center, in Patagonia, Arizona.
someone new to raw foods.
like blended soups or nut pates, and take During the study, the subjects
advantage of time-saving equipment (see ate only organic, vegan, uncooked
The salad rut – If our daily raw foods
sidebar). Also, find a raw buddy for a raw foods for 30 days. Researchers
diet consists mainly of lettuce and
meal-exchange program: Each cooking report that by the fourth day,
grated veggies, we’ll get bored fast.
partner makes double or triple quantities three people with Type 2 and one
One can only do so much with a bowl
of raw dishes to share. with Type 1 diabetes were off their
of Romaine.
insulin completely. By the end of
Commitment phobia – Following a the 30-day retreat, these four had
The raw solution: Get creative. Invest in
raw foods diet requires discipline in stabilized blood sugar, and the
a few great raw foods recipe books. Seek
terms of time, energy and attitude, all remaining Type 1 patient was down
out raw foods classes to learn techniques
of which challenge most of us. to one-fifth of his usual dosage
for preparing a variety of dishes—and
of insulin.
meet new friends in the process.
The raw solution: Lighten up. “Re- “It’s not just diabetes,” says
member that the raw foods lifestyle is Cousens. “Everything went back
Needing the heat – Eating raw seems
a choice, not a religion,” says Renee to normal.”
easier in warm-weather months, especial-
Loux, author of The Balanced Plate. According to the American
ly when farmers’ markets call. But, when
“There isn’t one thing that works for Diabetes Association, 23.6 mil-
colder months return, we tend to crave
everyone, and part of the journey is lion Americans, or 7.8 percent
warming meals, like soup and creamy
learning to listen to your own body.” of the population, are living
foods. A plate of sliced apples just doesn’t
with diabetes. The International
have the same comforting appeal as a
P.S.: If you can’t live without one or two Diabetes Federation estimates the
slice of warm, or-
goodies, like Aunt worldwide number at 246 million.
ganic apple pie.
Marge’s chocolate Cousens states, “we need to wake
truffle cake, have a up to the possibility that simply
The raw solution:
tiny bit, mindfully changing our diet can significantly
Eating foods raw
and moderately. reverse, and even cure,
doesn’t mean eating
We won’t tell. this disease.”
them icy cold. Most
foods can be warmed
Lisa Turner is a Sources: and
to 110 degrees with-
nutrition writer, Also see There is
out damaging their
personal chef and a Cure for Diabetes, by Gabriel
enzymes. Also, eat
food coach in Cousens, M.D.
high-fat raw foods,
Boulder, CO.
26 New Haven/Middlesex Counties
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