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healing. Reduces stress, promotes relaxation. Pre- Astral Travel – 6:30-8:30pm. w/Gayle France- Shake Your Soul: Kripalu Yoga Dance – 7:30-
registration required. $15 if registered 3 days prior, schetti. Journey to places never seen before. Free 8:30pm. w/Katie. Experience joy, transformation
or $20. Melody Motion Yoga and Wellness Studio. self from limitations of earth’s plane/laws of space, in body-spirit fitness class! Explore, enjoy world
17 River St. Deep River. 860.575.5032. time. Learn astral explorations, safely leaving body music, dances. Release tension, strengthen core.
Teaching Yoga for People w/Special Needs*
and returning unharmed. Experience dimensions Feel creative, powerful, graceful. Awaken energy.
– 12-1:30pm. w/Shoosh Crotzer. For yoga teach-
that help bring insights. $20. Wallingford. Register: $10. Revive. New Haven. 203.915.9371.
ers, therapists, anyone working w/special needs
Guided Meditation Class – 7:30-9pm. Monthly
(*arthritis, MS, cancer, etc.). Advanced registra- class provides deep guided meditations. Whether
tion: $30. $50/both (12 & 2:30pm) sessions. an experienced meditator or just a beginner, class
Door: $40/each. Your Community Yoga Cen-
offers a chance to go deeper within. Free. The
ter. 39 Putnam Ave. Hamden. 203.287.2277. Mediumship classes – 10am-12pm. Connect with Center of Light. 844 Grand Ave. New Haven. Info:
loved ones who have crossed over, angels, and 203.785.9085.
Growing up Green – 1-2pm. The essential room- spirit guides, through guided meditation. They can
by-room guide to a greener, healthier family and still hear when spoken to. See what messages they
home. Classes for families from preconception bring. Guided meditation classes also available. FRIDAY, JULY 17
through pregnancy and postpartum. Preferred Pe- Wallingford. Info: 203.435.4398.
Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training –
diatrics. 88 Noble Ave. Ste. 101. Milford. Info: Dr.
Writers Live!: Allah’s Garden – 6-7pm. Author 6am-6:30pm. (7/17-8/9). w/Ana Forrest. Provides
Diana Lopusny 203.874.2800.
Thomas Hollowell discusses his book, the story of solid foundation in art of teaching Forrest Yoga.
Reiki Level 1 Training – 2-6pm. (7/11, 7/18, or a POW held by the Polisario, a rebel movement in 24-day immersion course focuses on personal/
8/1). w/Svetlana Anderson. Learn reiki healing. Western Sahara. Free. New Haven Public Library. professional growth. Promotes insights for deeper
Reduces stress, promotes relaxation. Pre-registra- 133 Elm St. New Haven. 203.946.8835. integration w/self. $3400. Fresh Yoga. 319 Peck St.
tion required. $110 if registered 3 days prior, or New Haven. 203.776.9642.
$120. Melody Motion Yoga & Wellness Studio. 17
Forrest Yoga Intensive Classes – 7-9am. (7/17-
River St. Deep River. 860.575.5032.
Gentle Seated Yoga for People w/Special Needs*
8/9). Elevate yoga practice to the next level! A
unique opportunity to study w/world-renowned yoga
and Their Caregivers – 2:30-4pm. w/ Shoosh teacher, Ana Forrest. $485/all 22 classes, $295/11
Crotzer. (*arthritis, MS, cancer…). Discussion/
Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?
classes, $140/5 classes. Fresh Yoga. 319 Peck St.
gentle yoga/refreshments. For anyone w/special
Free Workshop
New Haven. 203.776.9642.
needs/caregivers. $30. $50/both (12 & 2:30pm)
Explore dreams, visions, & divine love;
sessions. Door: $40/each. Your Community Yoga
Try a spiritual exercise; share your
Center. 39 Putnam Ave. Hamden. 203.287.2277.
stories & experiences. SATURDAY, JULY 18
Intro to Reiki Aboard Sailboat “Hado” – 8:30-
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cromwell
10:30am. w/Pamela Hall and Captain Joy Sher-
Off I-91 at Exit 21.
man. Demonstration of reiki at anchor, while enjoy-
5-Element Tai Chi Facilitator Training with
Certification – 5-element tai chi is a relatively new
Saturday, July 25th, 2009
ing the view! $65. Westbrook. Details/Reservations:
form combining traditional tai chi movements w/the
9:30AM - 11:30AM
Reiki II Class – 10am-4pm. 1 full-day or 2 half-
5-element philosophy of China, working w/ener-
days/evenings. w/Diane Esposito. Attunements
gies to bring balance to life. Info: Suzanne Hanley / 860-346-2226 open one to increased energy. Learn distant healing/
Presented by students of ECKANKAR reiki symbols. Certification. Up to 30-minute free
Reiki I – 12-6pm. w/Anita Jones, Usui Reiki Mas- consultation. $150. Personal Harmony and Health. 8
ter Teacher. Learn the history of reiki, how to heal Whispering Pines Dr. Wallingford. 203.284.1204.
self and others, receive the attunements. Materials/
Yoga for Kids—Full of Joy Yoga Teacher Train-
certificate included. $125. Tranquil Healing Reiki.
1778 Whitney Ave. Hamden. 203.415.4791. THURSDAY, JULY 16
ing – 12-6pm. (2-day workshop: 7/18 and 7/19). w/
Lani Rosen. 12-hour training for educators, parents,
Yoga Outside and Whole Food Potluck – 4:30pm. The Happiest Baby on the Block – 6:30-7:30pm. caregivers and anyone who loves working w/chil-
Enjoy yoga on the earth, under the sky. Allow the out- Take baby from fussy to calm in five easy steps. dren! Your Community Yoga Center. 39 Putnam Ave.
door expansiveness to soothe/open mind/body. Gather Learn the five S’s for the Happiest Baby on the Hamden. 203.287.2277.
w/a kind, conscious community! Raven’s Wing Yoga Block. Class can be taken pre- or postpartum. Pre-
19 South Main St. Branford. 203.488.9642. ferred Pediatrics. 88 Noble Ave. Ste. 101. Milford.
Info: Dr. Diana Lopusny 203.874.2800. SUNDAY, JULY 19
Thyme & Season Wellness Talk: Raw Food-- Reiki II – 12-6pm. w/Anita Jones, Usui Reiki
Fresh from the Garden – 7pm. w/Glen Colello. Master Teacher. Increase reiki energy. Learn basic
Modern Mystic Workshop – 7-8:30pm. w/Greg Samples, recipes, lots of know-how. Be amazed at reiki symbols and how to use them. Includes distant
Coleman, Heartstone Labyrinths. An introduction what can be created without cooking! No reservation healing. Receive attunement. Materials/certificate
to labyrinths as energetic healing tools. Experience required. Free. Thyme & Season. 3040 Whitney Ave. included. $150. Tranquil Healing Reiki. 366 South
the energy of labyrinths. Learn to share it w/others. Hamden. 203.407.8128. Main St. Cheshire. 203.415.4791.
Susan’s Fine Salon and Gathering. 338 Town St.
A Circle of Women – 7-9pm. Join in sacred space
East Haddam. 860.873.8989.
to celebrate uniqueness as women, discover au-
thentic voice, learn to speak/listen from the heart.
$25. Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm Mindfulness Meditation Sitting Group – 8-9pm.
St. Wallingford. Register/Info: Susan McLaughlin Yale’s Dr. Judson Brewer will lead a sitting group in
Healing Heart Angel Class – 6:30-8pm. (7/14 or 203.645.1230. meditation followed by a discussion/informal lecture
8/11). w/Diane Esposito. Learn to communicate
Guided Meditation w/Mandalas – 7-9pm. Manifest
on mindfulness meditation (vipassana). Instruction
w/angels/guides. Receive support/encourage-
happiness w/mandala meditation. Highly decorative,
provided for beginners. Free. St. Mary’s Church
ment/guidance, mini-readings; class materials, up
symmetrical diagrams are used as a meditation focal
(basement). 5 Hillhouse Ave. Info: 203.937.4840.
to 30-minute complimentary consultation. $25/
point. Pre-registration required. $25 by 7/14, or $35.
prepaid. Private classes also available. Personal
Melody Motion Wellness/Yoga Studio. 17 River St.
Harmony and Health. 8 Whispering Pines Dr. Wall-
Deep River. 860.575.5032.
ingford. 203.284.1204.
34 New Haven/Middlesex Counties
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