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Proponents of whole food vitamin
supplements identify various concerns
with synthetic vitamins:
Potential toxicity of synthetic vitamins.
For example, researchers at Boston
University documented that consump- Reflexology
tion of synthetic vitamin A may increase
birth defects, while overconsumption
How Our Feet Talk
of whole food sources of vitamin A did
not have any toxic effect.
by linda Sechrist
Creation of vitamin deficiencies of the
very synthetic vitamin being supple-
he body has an amazing ability to
regularly heal, repair and revitalize
itself, but it can occasionally use an
mented. If the body is accustomed to
assist with its daily workload. Reflexology,
absorbing a vitamin complex in its nat-
a natural approach to rebalancing and
ural state, the concern is that the body
encouraging internal healing processes,
must supply portions of the vitamin
could be just the boost the body needs,
complex not present in the synthetic
according to The Ingham Method
vitamin in order to attempt to absorb it.
education for massage therapists, nurses
Foot Reflexology. This complementary
According to research results noted in
and chiropractors worldwide.
therapy uses alternating pressure on reflex
the Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide,
A reflexologist’s experienced hands
points located on the feet and hands, and
forced supplementation of the missing
and thumbs, which travel over feet dusted
is sometimes used in conjunction with
portions of the vitamin complex can
with non-talcum powder, pick up on tex-
other modalities, such as massage and
result in a deficiency.
tures such as grittiness, sponginess, lumps,
hard spots or a callous formation.
“If you’re feeling out of kilter, don’t
Synthetic vitamins absorb much more
Lucy Scarbrough is secretary of the
know why or what about, let your feet
slowly. For example, the National Re-
American Reflexology Certification Board,
reveal the answer, find the sore spot, work
search Council of Canada reports that
an independent testing agency for certify-
it out.” That’s the personal philosophy of
vitamin E in a natural form is absorbed
ing the competency of reflexologists. The
Eunice D. Ingham, who created the world-
five times more quickly than its syn-
graduate of the International Institute of
renowned Ingham Method, considered
thetic counterpart.
Reflexology is a nationally certified aro-
the Rolls-Royce of reflexology. Ingham,
matherapist and a Reiki master, who works
working alongside her mentor, Dr. Joe
Increased histamine levels may indi-
part time at a Memphis, Tennessee spa.
Shelby Riley, researched and documented
cate an apparent allergic reaction.
“Reflexology sessions are really good
the theories and techniques used today
Synthetic vitamins may contain addi-
for foot problems, especially the loss of
by 25,000 reflexologists throughout the
tional ingredients used to bind together
feeling,” says Scarbrough, who finds that
the components; certain people may be
her clients are often delighted to find
sensitive to or intolerant of such ingre-
Her work was based on Dr. William
that treatments relax the entire body and
dients, including MSG, food colorings
Fitzgerald’s zone therapy of the 1920s;
relieve emotional stress. “Nurses and
and chemical preservatives.
he was the first to pioneer the concept of
waitresses who stand on their feet all day
Profound differences exist between
reflex areas on the feet that correspond to
are especially good candidates for re-
synthetic vitamins and whole food vita-
body parts. The Original Works of Eunice
flexology,” advises Scarbrough, “because
mins. The bottom line is that whole food
D. Ingham, published in 1984, includes
treatments help increase circulation.”
vitamin supplements are able to supply
Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology,
Responses to reflexology vary widely,
an animal’s body with nutrients lacking
correlating the connections between spe-
from feelings of calm and sleepiness to a
in their diet. Synthetic vitamins, on the
cific organs and glands with reflex areas
sense of renewed energy and rejuvenation.
other hand, offer only isolated compo-
in the feet.
“The more frequently you experience re-
nents of vitamins, and many researchers
As a nephew of the late Ingham,
flexology,” remarks Byers, “the more likely
argue that they pose potential risks. Pro-
Dwight Byers’ 70-year love of reflexol-
you are to notice overall benefits.”
viding proper nutrition for our pets in the
ogy began early. He still remarks how,
form of whole food vitamins is a power-
“Her signature thumb, finger and hand
For information on the International Insti-
ful tool in combating and preventing
techniques brought relief to my childhood
tute of Reflexology, call 727.343.4811 or
illness and promoting overall wellness.
symptoms of hay fever and asthma.” Byers
is the author of Better Health with Foot
Dr. Matthew J. Heller is a holistic veteri-
Reflexology, and president of the Interna-
For a list of nationally certified reflexologists,
narian in Middletown, OH. Contact
tional Institute of Reflexology, in St. Peters-
refer to the American Reflexology Certifica-
him at 513-424-1626 or visit
burg, Florida. The institute provides both
tion Board; go to and click on
training for reflexologists and continuing
Referral to a National Certificant.
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