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teach that uncooked foods cool the
body and may actually require more
energy to digest. Thus, people who
naturally tend to feel cold or dry should
kitchen essentials
avoid them.
“For certain body types at certain
by lisa Turner
times of year, a raw food diet could be
the best medicine,” says John Douillard,
Just because we’re not heating up a stove to prepare raw food doesn’t
Ph.D., doctor of chiropractic and author
mean we don’t need the proper kitchen equipment. A blender and stan-
of The 3-Season Diet. “But, during cold
dard knives would probably suffice, but a variety of tools facilitates prepa-
winter months, for certain body types, it
ration of a wider variety of foods. Good starters include:
can cause trouble.”
• A great knife. Raw foods cooks slice and dice a lot, so invest in a chef’s
Getting Started
knife, small paring knife and serrated knife, all of which should comfort-
In general, most people can eat raw
ably fit the hand. Wusthof, Henckels and Shun are good, long-lasting
foods with glowing results. Plus, the
regimen doesn’t have to be an all-or-
nothing proposition. Depending on our
• Food processors. These work better than a blender for grinding nuts
constitution, we can choose how raw
and seeds and making soups, sauces and spreads. Opt for a high-quality
we want to go.
one (Cuisinart is always a safe bet) that has attachments for shredding and
“Most people won’t do a 100 per-
slicing vegetables. A mini-food processor also helps in chopping garlic or
cent raw diet, because it’s too painful,”
grinding nuts and seeds.
says Susan Schenck, a licensed acu-
puncturist and author of The Live Food
• A dehydrator. Although a dehydrator isn’t a must, it’s a help. Use it to
Factor. “Most people do better on an 85
make raw cookies, crackers, breads, fruit leathers and even ersatz burgers.
percent raw diet.”
The Excalibur dehydrator has a fan to distribute heat evenly and a tem-
Whether going all the way or
perature gauge to help judge how hot the food gets—important with a raw
taking the middle path, these seven
foods diet (
surefire tricks make going raw easier:
• Spiral slicers. Great for
Constant cravings – Overcoming an
cutting long, thin strips of
appetite for bread, cookies, pasta, chips
butternut squash, zucchi-
and most candy doesn’t come easily.
ni or other vegetables to
decorate salads or make
The raw solution: “If you’re missing
raw ‘pasta.’ Joyce Chen
carbs, you can make satisfying substi-
makes a good, simple
tutions from raw foods,” says Brigitte
version (JoyceChen.
Mars, author of Rawsome! “Dates
stuffed with almond butter or cookies
made from raw, ground nuts and dried
• A juicer. A good
fruit can satisfy a sweet tooth. You can
basic juicer is avail-
have flax crackers instead of chips or
able for $100 to $150.
bread. And, you can make ‘rice’ out
Or, go for the gold with
of cauliflower or rutabaga, and ‘pasta’
a Green Star juicer
from zucchini strips.”
a high-end model
Social support – Food provides more
that actually
than physical nourishment. “It’s tied
presses, rather
up in all kinds of social cues, holidays,
than grinds,
mother’s love and childhood memories
the produce.
of being loved and nurtured,” observes
This creates
Schenck. Foregoing those comfort foods
less heat, which
can make us feel alone and isolated.
increases the
juice’s quality.
The raw solution: Get support. Tap into
the area’s raw community. Check local
newspapers for notices of raw foods
potluck groups, or start one.
July 2009 25
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