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Cherries to
the Rescue
or the estimated 27 million Americans who
suffer from osteoarthritis, relief may come from
a sweet summer fruit, report researchers at the Bay-
lor Research Institute. Tart cherries, in concentrated
pill form, they say, may be a promising pain reliever for
this debilitating form of arthritis. It’s especially good news, 10 Tips
because current treatments largely focus on controlling pain
through the use of over-the-counter acetaminophen or prescription drugs that can
to Green
have detrimental side effects, and have not been shown to alter the history or the
course of the disease.
Any vacation
In a recent pilot study, more than half of the enrolled patients suffering from
osteoarthritis of the knees experienced significant improvement in pain and
reen travel doesn’t mean sleep-
ing in a treehouse or backpacking
function after taking the cherry pills for eight weeks. The pill is made from whole
into a jungle to rescue orangutans, but
Montmorency tart cherries, ground up and sold as a soft gelatin capsule under the
simply keeping a few Earth-friendly
brand name CherryFlex
ideas in mind when planning a summer
Because of the promising results, the Baylor Research Institute and Arthritis Care
vacation. Of course, when traveling to a
& Research Institute are currently enrolling patients in a second, related study.
foreign country, making an effort to get
to know the people, their culture and a
few words of their language, respecting
Plums Compete
local customs and showing apprecia-
tion also go a long way toward avoiding
with Blueberries
the label of “Ugly American.” The easi-
est eco-travel tips are these:
lums are an emerging star in the superfood world,
giving champion blueberries a run for their money.
1. Pack lightly.
According to scientists at Texas AgriLife Research,
2. Find a “green” hotel or eco-lodge.
plums and other stone fruits, like peaches and nectar-
3. Book a downtown hotel that is
ines, sport high levels of health-promoting nutrients,
walking distance from sights.
such as disease-preventing antioxidants and other
4. Take short showers, reuse towels
plant compounds that make them equally nutritious.
and switch off lights, heat and
The cost of stone fruits is relatively low. Plus,
air conditioning when leaving
plums have an additional benefit: While most people tend to eat a few blueber-
the room.
ries at a time, sprinkled into breakfasts or desserts, they generally will eat a whole
5. Ask if the hotel recycles, and
plum at once.
6. Take a non-plastic water bottle
Source: Texas A&M AgriLife, 2009
that can be refilled.
7. Use public transportation.
8. Eat vegetarian, or at least meals
Food For ThoughT
comprised of local meats and
Chocolate, wine and tea, all foods rich in
9. Always stay on marked trails
flavonoids, enhance brain function and
and be respectful of nature and
cognitive performance in older adults. So
10. Buy locally produced gifts and
says a research team recently reporting
souvenirs to support the local
from Oxford University’s Department of
Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, in Sources: Travel,
the Uk., IndependentTraveler.
12 New Haven/Middlesex Counties
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