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Batters Up
Major League Baseball
Stadiums Go Green
Ballparks are greening more than the outfield grass, re-
ports E/The Environmental Magazine. Leading examples
are cutting energy use, upping recycling efforts and
taking the first steps into renewable energy. Even the na-
tion’s oldest, Fenway Park, in Boston, is now one of the
city’s 12 greenest buildings.
New construction brings opportunities for energy-ef- Wild Zones
ficient field lighting and waterless and low-flow plumb- Congress Gets Going on
ing fixtures, as well as heat-reflective and vegetative
Wilderness Conservation
roofs. Citi Field, in New York, and Nationals Park, in Washington, DC, are good
This year has seen big wins in
examples. Renovations, which recur about every decade in a stadium’s existence,
preserving America’s wilderness
also are up for eco-improvements. Remarks John McHale, Major League Baseball’s
heritage. The first new National Land
executive vice president for administration, “I expect the renovation work is going
Conservation System in a generation
to be done with a much higher consciousness to LEED (Leadership in Energy and
now unites more than 26 million
Environmental Design) certification than has ever been the case.”
acres in permanent protection and
Visit and search “ballparks” for feature article.
restoration status. Areas encompass
more than 850 of the most scenic,
ecologically and historically signifi-
Country Life cant lands under the jurisdiction of
Where to Have Fun on the Farm the Bureau of Land Management.
Each year, 62 million people enjoy finding things to do
These include national monuments,
at farms and farmhouses, ranches and wineries as guests,
conservation and wilderness areas,
visitors or volunteer workers, according to RuralBounty.
wild and scenic rivers and scenic
com. Agritourism is often a fast-growing dimension of
and historic trails.
regional tourism. Many family farmers now welcome
Also, another two million acres
the public onto their properties so they can sustain their
of wilderness across nine states have
agricultural lifestyle.
been added to public lands perma-
From hayrides to cattle drives; from gathering free-
nently protected in the National
range eggs to sugaring maples; and from picking cherries
Wilderness Preservation System,
to walking fields of lavender, it’s all available and waiting. Inquirers can tap into a
bringing the total to about 110
vast array of local food production and garden nursery experiences at Agritourism-
million acres. That’s five percent of Here, they can search by category or specific interest, as well as state
the country. The additional acreage
or country. Information on tours is also provided.
approved by Congress and President
Obama is in California, Colorado,
Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico,
Vacation Biking
Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and
Rent Any Type of Bike Onsite Online
Oregon. The victory will help restore
Coast-to-coast, independent bicycle dealers in 144 cities
and maintain the healthy, resilient
now make it easy to hook up with everyone’s bicycle of choice by
landscapes essential to helping eco-
the hour, day, week or month. Reserve anything from a comfort
systems and the species that depend
or recumbent bike to a road, mountain or kid’s bike at Rent-
on them adapt to climate change. Trailers and accessories can be specified right
Grassroots voices contributed
along with destination and travel dates, like with booking a
to another victory, this one for Arctic
hotel or car. Route information, too, is available at a click
wildlife. Earlier this year, a federal
of the mouse.
court vacated the Department of
The new service addresses three critical issues mak-
the Interior’s five-year plan for oil
ing headlines these days: environment, gas prices and
and gas leasing in Arctic waters off
health awareness, notes company President and Founder
Alaska’s coast.
George Gill. Source: The Wilderness Society,
Connect with a convenient bike shop at RentaBike-, a division of Go. Play. Everywhere. LLC.
14 New Haven/Middlesex CountiesNew Haven/Middlesex Counties
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