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“Love is to the heart what summer is to the farmer-It
brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul.”
~Author Unknown

Welcome to our July issue featuring Natural Foods. A delicious
issue indeed!
One of the greatest pleasures of summertime is eating fresh,
natural food, and nothing tastes more flavorful than locally
grown fruits and vegetables. Find out what’s currently in season in our Conscious
Gail Heard
Eating article, What’s Ripe Now? Summer Bounties from Local Farms, by Susie
Ruth. Then, check out our new Farmers’ Market Directory inside this issue to lo-
Nancy Cohen
cate the farms nearest you in New Haven and Middlesex Counties.
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Have you considered introducing more raw foods into your diet? Our feature
John Voell III
article, Healing Foods, Exploring the Raw Life, by Lisa Turner, may inspire you
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to do so. The author outlines the multiple benefits of raw foods, along with the
Paul Laudano
kitchen essentials and 10 tips for eating raw.
Not only does a diet rich in raw foods benefit our health and well-being, it
is also sustainable. At the April Natural Awakenings Network Breakfast, hosted by
Glen Colello, owner of Catch a Healthy Habit Café in West Haven, I tasted some
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of the most decadent treats I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Since then,
To contact Natural Awakenings
preparing a delicious green smoothie made with romaine, strawberries, and one
New Haven/Middlesex Counties:
frozen banana, has become a daily ritual for me. I have so much more energy now
Natural Awakenings
that I have integrated additional raw food into my diet.
PO Box 525
Connecticut in the Raw shines a local spotlight on Catch a Healthy Habit
North Branford, CT 06471
Café, Connecticut’s only all-raw food restaurant. Glen takes us through his ten year
Phone: 203-988-1808
journey of “raw foodism” and shares how this way of living has literally added
more years to his life. To meet other raw foodies locally, and learn more about
this lifestyle, check out Gathering of the Raw Foodies the weekend of July 25/26 at
Clearpoint Center in Stratford Springs, CT.
Food is supposed to be nourishing to the body and soul, yet so many people
feel out of control and develop eating issues. Emotional Eating and Flower Essence
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Although some parts of this publication may be repro-
Healing, authored by Katie Campochiaro, explores connections between food and
duced and reprinted, we require that prior permission
feelings. Katie, owner of Katia Wellness, and a local Bach Foundation Registered
be obtained in writing.
Natural Awakenings is a free publication distributed lo-
Practitioner with a background in Nutritional Therapy, discusses using the safe,
cally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available
gentle method of Bach Flower Remedies to help gain control over emotions and
in selected stores, health and education centers, healing
centers, public libraries and wherever free publications are
pave the way to healthier eating.
generally seen. Please call for a location near you or if you
would like copies placed at your business. Be sure to read the local news briefs and learn about some of the great events
We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in
happening in the area, such as the 3D fireworks show on July 4 at Quassy Amuse-
the articles and advertisements, nor are we responsible
for the products and services advertised. We welcome ment Park, and “Music of the Night” at Harkness Park in Waterford, featuring a live
your ideas, articles and feedback.
concert performance by the New Haven Symphony Orchestra. Classical music
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Here’s to good food—Bon appetite!
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recycled newsprint with
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