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this class perfect for those looking to move and
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement
flow with grace. 938 State St. New Haven. Info:
Group Class – 6:30-7:30pm. Learn to move w/ease
and comfort. All abilities welcome. Mats provided.
Class size limited to 6 people. $13/drop-in or $66/
Grief Coaching – 6-7pm. Grief is a normal reaction
for 6 weeks. Holistic Therapies Classroom. 15 South
to life altering events and healing time varies w/each
Meditation and Communion – 6am. Free. Open
Elm St. Wallingford. 203.294.9791.
individual. Gain comfort, support, perspective, while
to all. The Center of Light. 844 Grand Ave. New
rebuilding life. Create strategies to enable forward
Haven. Info: 203.785.9085. Gentle Yoga – 6:30-8pm. All levels. Attention to
movement. Find peace, joy again. West Haven. Info:
Low Cost Natural Health Clinic – 9-11am (2
breath, mindfulness, balancing effort, ease, fluidity,
Alison 203.859.8855.
Tues. ea. month) w/Marlene McKenzie, Com-
stamina, deep release. Drop-ins $16. Newcomers
please arrive 15 minutes early. Seven Sisters Yoga and
Kripalu Yoga w/Kate – 6-7pm. Open up body/
munity Herbalist. A low-cost, walk-in health clinic.
Pilates. 100 Main St. Old Saybrook. 860.388.9666.
mind to compassion and openness through yoga. All
$10/half hour. Edge of the Woods. 379 Whalley Ave.
experience levels. Focus on building strength, flex-
New Haven. 203.272.0471. Yoga w/Live Music – 6:30-8pm. w/Sasha Simone,
ibility, alignment, body awareness. $15/drop-in, $12/
Core Yoga – 9:15-10:30am. A mixed level
Eddy Nataraj. Hip, affordable yoga. Not just physi-
student drop-in, $100/8-class pkg. Revive Wellness.
asana class integrated with pilates-based exercises
cal…yoga’s spiritual well-being. Asanas open the
867 Whalley Ave. New Haven. 203.387.1540.
to increase movement flow, CORE strength and
body. Music opens the heart. All levels. $10/sliding
scale donation. Center for the Arts, Christ Church.
Holistic Health Consultations – 6-8pm. w/Danielle
flexibility. Seven Sisters Yoga and Pilates. 100 Main
84 Broadway. New Haven. 203.464.4143.
Brodeur, HHC. Take time to investigate personal ho-
St. Old Saybrook. 860.388.9666.
listic health in a life-changing conversation. Balance
Parent & Baby – 10:45-11:45am. w/Rashel Keel-
Tai Chi at the Yurt: The Taoist Tai Chi Society®
4 Optimal Health Wellness Center. 5 Foxon Rd. (Rte.
ing. Enjoyable postures and techniques help w/
– 7pm. The Sanctuary for Shepardfields. 59 Bogel
80). North Branford. For appt: 203.484.2442.
getting to know baby, and aid in post-natal recovery.
Rd. East Haddam. Info: 203.668.7885.
Core Stabilization Class – 6:15-7:15pm. Target
New students $33/3 classes. Your Community Yoga Hatha Yoga Class – 7pm. Focus on alignment,
abdominal muscles. Strengthening, endurance, bal-
Center. 39 Putnam Ave. Hamden. 203.287.2277. toning muscles, and flexibility. Practice of yogic
ance and education are part of this class that is run by
Spring Glen Farmers’ Market – 3-6pm. (through
breathing techniques and participate in short medi-
a Physical Therapist. Diversified Physical Therapy,
Oct. 27). Locally-grown produce, fair-trade tea,
tations. Beginners welcome. Class cards available.
LLC. 1260 East Main St. Meriden. 203.630.3939.
organic honey, fresh salsa, baked goods, fresh cut
$14/drop-ins. Diversified Physical Therapy. 1260
Belly Dancing – 6:30-7:30pm. Beginner’s class.
flowers, live music each week. Spring Glen Church,
East Main St. Meriden. Info: 203.630.3939.
Offered in 3 weeks sessions for $45. Compassionate
UCC. 1825 Whitney Ave. Hamden. 203.288.3381. Planetary Meditation for Peace (Twin Hearts)
Hands Holistic. 22 Park Pl/Meadow St. Naugatuck.
– 7pm. Spiritually based, stress-relieving, uplifting
Info: 203.723.2552.
and peaceful experience. $5. Sitka Wellness Center.
64 Cherry St. Milford. Info: 203.876.7200.
Make a Fist. Squeeze it. Now Squeeze it Really
Tight! Are you Breathing? – 7pm. Discover how
Career Momentum Group – 7-8pm. Affected by the
paying attention to breath opens muscles and mind.
current economy? Career Momentum Group offers
Try the first class FREE! Smiling Spirit Yoga.
the opportunity to overcome obstacles, move forward,
ChiroCare Bldg. 606 New Haven Ave. Milford.
and grow. In a motivationally supportive environ-
ment, goals can be defined w/strategy for follow-
through. West Haven. Info: Alison 203.859.8855.
Restorative Yoga – 7pm. w/Sheila. Strong mind
body relationship with few postures. Fitness
American Tribal Style Belly Dance: Level 1 &
and Yoga For Women. 213 Cherry St. Milford.
2 – 7-8:10pm. w/Joy. Workout on Wooster. 214
Wooster St. New Haven. 203.710.6718.
Qigong – 7-8pm. Ongoing class. Gentle practices
Kundalini Yoga – 7-8:15pm. w/Robin Carlson. A
to cultivate the internal energy. Qigong for the sea-
class to renew the body, mind and spirit. All levels
sons -- the Five Animal Frolics Qigong. Drop-in
welcome. $12/walk-in. $60/6 classes. First class
welcome. Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health. 35
free! Full Circle Healing, LLC. 16 Main St. Ste.
Boston St. Guilford. Info: Bob 860.301.6433.
Yoga for Everybody – 4pm. w/Andrea. Combina-
203. Durham. 860.301.4200.
Kundalini Yoga – 7-8:15pm. w/Robin Carlson.
tion of Level I and II postures and breathing. $16/ NEW Astanga Series – 7-9pm. w/Denise Donovan.
A class to renew the body, mind and spirit. All
drop-in. $130/10 classes. Fitness and Yoga For Vigorous, athletic style of yoga. For individuals
levels welcome. $12/walk-in. First class free! Dis-
Women. 213 Cherry St. Milford. 203.878.9642. preferring a sense of order, independence in their
count available on 6-class pass ($60). Full Circle
The Lebed Method, Focus on Healing – 5:30-
lives. Drop-ins welcome. $11/class-series or $16/
Healing, LLC. 16 Main St. Ste. 203. Durham.
6:30pm. w/Susan Sandel. Gentle therapeutic exer-
class-drop-in. Your Community Yoga Center. 39
cise/movement program to music especially helpful
Putnam Ave. Hamden. 203.287.2277.
Healing Meditation Circle – 7-8:30pm. w/Barbara
for breast cancer survivors and those w/other chronic Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Barry – 7:15-8:30pm.
D’Addio. Journey to a new location each week
health conditions. $32/four sessions, $28/seniors. Declutter the mind. Deepen breath/balance w/fluid
for only $5 donation/person. Balance 4 Optimal
Meriden. Info/Register: Susan, 203.457.1656. vinyasa yoga practice. Kundalini inspired, love
Health. 5 Foxon Rd. North Branford. Info/Register:
Yoga for Men – And Women - 6pm. w/Jim. Best for
devoted yoga flows help cleanse mind and body.
guys looking into yoga for the first time and would
Drop-ins welcome. Raven’s Wing Yoga 19 South
Miracles Mondays: A Course in Miracles Study
like male companionship, yet it is a coed class. Try
Main St. Branford. 203.488.9642.
Group – 7-8:30pm. One of Connecticut’s oldest A
a class FREE. ChiroCare Bldg. 606 New Haven Ave T’ai Chi Ch’uan/Qigong – 7:30-8:30pm. Ongoing
Course In Miracles (ACIM) study groups. Explore
Milford. Info: 203.882.0801. class. Gentle, circular movement helps to reduce
concepts in atmosphere of acceptance, joy, laugh-
Beginner Basics Yoga – 6-7:15pm. w/Denise.
stress, improve balance, and strengthen the body.
ter, hope. Free. Center Church Parish House. 311
Everything anyone wanted to know about yoga but
East/West Healing Arts Center. 410 State St. North
Temple St. New Haven. 203.315.9201.
was afraid to ask! A friendly, informative drop-in
Haven. Info: Bob 860.301.6433.
Beginner Belly Dance w/Lydia – 7:15-8:15pm.
class. Includes a variety of poses, instruction on From Here to Serenity Yoga – 7:30-8:45pm. From
Revive Wellness Center Studio. 867 Whalley Ave.
use of props. Yoga On Whitney. 2693 Whitney Ave. Here to Serenity A Yoga Space for Women. 250
New Haven. 203.387.1540.
Hamden. 203.230.0026. Main St. South. The Commons. Southbury. Info:
Lunar Yoga w/Lydia – 6:15-7:15pm. Revive Well-
Karin Terebessy 203.560.9653.
ness Center Studio. 867 Whalley Ave. New Haven. Intermediate Belly Dance with Artemis – 7:30-
203.387.1540. 8:45pm. Revive Wellness Center Studio. 867 Whal-
ley Ave. New Haven. 203.387.1540.
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