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Häfele UK launches global design award winning flap fitting to market

planning, and production. The Free space flap fitting creates more storage room within cabinetry


by eliminating the need for large cover caps, and has an internal installation depth of only 63mm. Offering a consistent design for all flap-opening doors, it is mounted with ease using a single pre-mounted conventional screw connection on the side walls, driving manufacturing efficiencies through speed of installation. Designed by developers at Häfele’s FCC plant in Hungary, Free space

secured a special award with the globally-renowned Red Dot Award, and was presented as a ‘world first’ when it achieved the interzum award for ‘High Product Quality’, both in 2019. Since then, Free space has gone on to win the German Design Award and German Innovation Award in 2020. Free space’s pin system requires only

one fixing screw to lock the flap in place, while its spring force can be adjusted for a multi-position stop function. It presents low opening resistance and smooth running properties, with its integrated soft closing mechanism ensuring gentle and quiet closing of the flap. The opening angle can be set and limited to 90° by means of a tool-free, integrated adjustment option, which allows the cabinet to be installed at an elevated height without risk of the door hitting the ceiling. For standard applications with a handle, the Free space 1.11 offers a load

bearing capacity of 1.2 up to 10.7 kg for a cabinet height of 400mm, and is available in five model versions. The Free space 1.8 push to open has a load bearing capacity of 1.2 up to 8.3 kg for a cabinet height of 400 mm. It is available in the standard colours, white, light grey and anthracite – and in black as a special order product – but can also be matched to any cabinet colour to create a seamless finish. Justin Crofts, Category Manager at Häfele UK, said: “Manufacturers are

always on the lookout for innovative fixtures and fittings which give customers more options when it comes to the style and functionality of their spaces; the Free space flap fitting has been created with them in mind. “It has already inspired hundreds of thousands of designers and

manufacturers to think differently about hinge work, and has been recognised by world leading award programmes which highlighted Free space for its distinctive but functional properties. We are very pleased to now be able to offer it to the UK market, and are confident it will continue to lead the way in flap fittings for a long time to come.”

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äfele UK has launched a pioneering hingeless flap fitting, which promises to set a new standard in furniture design,

Crown Imperial – Innovative kitchen storage solutions

Renowned British furniture manufacturer Crown Imperial is delighted to showcase its new storage solutions to enhance any kitchen scheme. Inspired by modern living, the Crown Frameworks and Boxworks systems offer flexible open storage in a variety of widths and heights to personalise to customers’ needs. Setting the style standard, Crown

Frameworks boasts a contemporary satin aluminium finish and offers

ergonomic access to kitchen essentials. The new design element is presented here with Textura in Endgrain Oak and matching shelving to achieve a seamless feel. A perfect pairing, Crown Boxworks is also ideal to create a focal island and adds the finishing touches for easy storage and display.

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TistoStone floor drain suitable for tiling with individual floor coverings to maintain the uniformity of the bathroom landscape

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