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Trojan’s new slate effect shower trays A

t Trojan we know that not everyone loves a bath, with many preferring a

shower. However, this doesn’t mean that your bathroom should feel any less relaxing or stylish. Our brand-new range of slate effect shower trays have been

designed to allow you to create a bathroom that is the stylish space you desire yet still a realistic family bathroom, with an affordable price too. Our range of slate effect shower trays are sleek

in design and are sure to create a focal point in your bathroom without breaking the bank. Manufactured in Huddersfield, in the heart of West Yorkshire, our slate effect shower trays have been designed in-house with the latest technologies for the ultimate in performance, strength and durability. Our newly designed gel coated slate effect

shower trays are available in a range of shapes including, square, rectangle, quadrant and off-set quadrant. With a depth of 35mm and ranging from 800x800mm to 1700x900mm, the sleek yet contemporary lines of our slate effect shower trays will ensure you can find the perfect size for your bathroom. Meanwhile, the choice of four different colours including black, white, dark and light grey, will ensure you find one to fit your style and bathroom décor perfectly too. You can view our full range of slate shower

trays at our website, or alternatively call or email us to find out more.

u01484 648181

2020 Fusion helps KBB designers stay on top W

ith a user-friendly interface, an extensive list of manufacturers’

catalogues and comprehensive sales tools – 2020 Fusion helps designers create their customers’ dream spaces quickly and easily. 2020 Fusion software is the first choice for

designers in the KBB industry. With 30 years of experience and continuous development, 2020 Fusion is feature-rich, easily accessible, and is combined with integrated project management tools to provide the smoothest path from idea to installation. Despite the global crisis, 2020 has maintained full staffing levels to best serve our customers and

the wider markets we support. 2020 Fusion’s built-in capabilities, online training, and webinar sessions enabled our customers to keep working remotely, stay on top of each project, and grow their business. Furthermore, our software products are

continually updating, and we just released 2020 Fusion Version 8. This latest version is packed with new, innovative features all intended to improve the daily working experience of designers. Many additions result from feedback received from our customers, underlining the fact that their voices play an important role in the ongoing development of our solutions.

Exciting new developments are to be expected

in the coming months. We will be launching a brand-new offering with ground-breaking cloud- based features, remote connectivity, and a fully integrated VR experience as key components. We look forward to officially announcing it soon. Stay connected!

u+44 01233 649700


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