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Kudos to launch Slip, Scratch and Stain resistant shower tray collection

British manufacturer, Kudos is about to launch a new collection of premium shower trays featuring a new surface material which is Slip, Scratch and Stain resistant. These new trays will be known as the Kudos SR Collection. The slip resistant properties are

embedded in the material, rather than a coating on the surface, which means it cannot be removed and, unlike many other anti-slip surfaces, is comfortable underfoot. The easy to clean textured material also provides a high level of scratch and stain resistance ensuring that the trays

maintain a pristine condition throughout the lifetime of the product. The Premium SR option will

intially be available in all current Kstone sizes with the revolutionary Connect2SR range, which will be manufactured at the newly commisioned £650,000 tray production facility in Cumbria, becoming available early in the new year.

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AQATA DS500 – Shower Screens

The Design Solutions collection from AQATA offers an extensive range of options for creating the perfect showering space in the bathroom. The wide range of screen sizes are suitable for both corner or recess showers and are then matched with the appropriate door fitting for the

style and size of the room. The choice of doors includes pivot, sliding, bi-fold and hinged all with ClearShield Eco-Glass and alternative coloured finishes as an option.

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Mantaleda Supports Independent Bathing


ithin the UK, there are currently 19,000 care, nursing and residential homes, each providing both adult and

elderly care. As the need for care homes increases, so have the requirements for care at home; something that is ever more prevalent in current times. As this is the case, whether in a care home or at home, we need to be sure that the environment in which care is provided is suitable and of a high standard. Here at Mantaleda, we understand the challenges that reduced mobility

can cause, which is why our range of accessible baths, showers and accessories look to provide specialist equipment and adaptations for those in need. Our range of walk-

in shower baths are designed for independent living and aim to take the worry out of bathing, whilst still providing a stylish bathroom, without a clinical look or feel. For example, our Tranquility deep soak bath - the most advanced in the industry and supported by two years of research and development - is a bath with an 800mm wide entrance, allowing for unparalleled access to wheelchair users. Our Highgrove L-shaped walk-in shower bath provides an easy access option that delivers the convenience of a shower, yet the comfort of a bath. Meanwhile, our Aventis bath is fitted with a power lift seat, delivering a comfortable bathing experience for everyone, no matter what their age or physical ability.

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