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Top tiling trends set to make an impact in 2021


eature floor tiles have made a big impact on our living spaces and have

fast become a key factor when choosing surfaces for the home, often now the starring feature of any room. A popular choice with retailers, statement floors are well suited to a wide range of interior spaces especially kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, with a diverse range of designs to choose from including Moorish geometric patterns through to Art Deco- inspired designs and highly decorative stone-effects. Next year when it comes to floors, we’ll see a

Comment by Katy Black Marketing Director, Verona

clear focus on colour, pattern and shape to bring the wow factor. Playful tile shapes and floor patterns will be key, while pops of pastel and darker jewel shades will set the tone for the rest of the room.

The beautiful handmade trend will continue to

evolve into next year. Soft, rich glazed tiles with an aged appearance and shade variation will feature on walls, bringing an artisan touch, and lived-in feel to interiors. This trend will suit all spaces, especially those looking to add a sense of character and history to walls. Tiles such as these, with a high gloss finish, will capture and reflect the light, making a room appear bigger than it is, allowing you to experiment with darker shades. Structure will be key. Three dimensional surface

patterns will become a feature of design schemes, with strong lines and contrasting surfaces cleverly playing with the light to add movement and perspective to walls – perfect for consumers looking to create a striking feature wall or splashback in the kitchen. Popular colours will include warm neutral shades in a matt finish with co-ordinating linear textured tiles.

Verona brings Hope to interiors T

apping into the trend for artisan interiors, leading tile distributor,

Verona, has launched a new ceramic wall tile collection to bring character and decoration to the home. Featuring a distressed, handmade appearance, Hope adds true authenticity to interior spaces. Each colour offers 32 different faces, all of which feature a different combination of shade and tone variations for a surface covering that is truly bespoke. Featuring an undulating surface texture and

high gloss finish that beautifully captures and reflects the light, each colourway has an aged appearance creating tiles with hidden depths and a history to tell. Whether it’s a surface covering for the kitchen,

bathroom or living space, there’s five stunning shades to choose from including Ash, Blue, Green, White or Rose. Ash, Blue and Green are at the darker end of the spectrum offering jewel-like, rich shades for a bold design, while White and Rose are a more feminine option, with an almost pearlescent finish for a truly decorative wall covering. Available in a 7.5x30cm size, Hope is easy to

cut and install, and can be tiled in a variety of patterns, including herringbone, to deliver further personalisation to walls. For more information, please visit the website. 32 BKU DECEMBER 2020 Pictured: Hope Rose

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