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Evolution in the showering market E

mbracing the trend for minimal, high- end bathroom design, leading UK

wetroom Manufacturer Impey says that growth in the market continues to be strong. Recent times have thrown the spotlight on the

bathroom as a space to be valued for its form as well as its function. In a fast-paced world, where rest and relaxation are craved and appreciated, the advent of the bathroom as a ‘sanctuary’ is increasingly popular. Emanating spa-style luxury, wetrooms have

Comment by Chris Kingaby Product and Marketing Director, Impey

successfully made the crossover from high-end hotels and spa-settings to coveted residential shower spaces. Fusing the advantages of ultimate accessibility and total showering indulgence, wetroom installations are universally appealing to homeowners looking to upgrade their bathroom space. To enable creation of the ultimate spa-style

wetroom, elongated shower areas incorporating linear shapes have become increasingly popular.

To achieve the ‘natural look’, tiles with a rustic or organic finish used across the wet floor area are on-trend, as are tiled linear drainage grates, located close to the wall for a ‘barely there’ aesthetic. When it comes to the choice of glass

wetroom panels, quality and design are key. There is an overriding focus on minimalist frameless and semi-frameless models. And, as technology advances, homeowners have grown to expect high-end touches like smooth running hinges, soft close sliders, and the opportunity to personalise their finish, handle style and glass type. And of course, accessibility remains a key factor

in the decision-making process for many wetroom specifications. As the ultimate example of a practical and customisable showering space the option to create a wetroom that functions across many situations, styles and for such a proliferation of users seems to be a key driver in the continued increase in popularity.

This Is Modern Showering; Impey’s Bold New Wetroom Portfolio L

ast month saw the release of our new retail-focused brochure entitled ‘This

Is Modern Showering’. Specifically designed to offer support to the premium end of the retail market, it acts as an aid to consultants and designers showcasing an array of aspirational images, created to highlight the versatility and adaptability of a wetroom installation, whilst maximising desirability. At the heart of the brochure are flagship

products like Impey’s AquaDec EasyFit™ floor formers and WaterGuard™ tanking system, which have become synonymous with high quality and longevity. These established products sit alongside three new product launches;

including two new heights of tile insert and a unique collection of designer linear drainage grates. The brochure takes these leading wetroom elements and helps consumers to understand how they can be incorporated into a contemporary shower room design to suit every kind of home. As a UK first, cutting edge enclosure designs

from the Coram group Sealskin brand (as seen at kbb2020) and bathroom accessories from the innovative Geesa range are also showcased within the inspirational brochure. Said Chris Kingaby, Product and Marketing

Director, “We want our retailers to be able to maximise their sales opportunities and are confident that this reinvention of a traditional

brochure will be a really useful aid to the sales process.” Our new retail brochure is unlike anything

we’ve produced before. It has been designed to intrigue and inspire; giving consumers an insight into how a wetroom could enhance their showering experience and their home.” To download a digital version of Impey’s new

brochure, ‘This is Modern Showering’ visit the website.

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