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Kinesurf+ - a shower tray for every bathroom

The Kinedo Kinesurf+ range from Saniflo’s is one of the most comprehensive tray ranges. Manufactured in France it is available in a range of six colours – white, black, anthracite, grey, taupe and sable – and three shapes; square, quadrant and rectangular. Sizes from 800mm up to 1800mm. The lightweight, 40mm thick tray

range can be installed flat, recessed or raised on feet and features a fine textured anti-slip surface. The metal drain grill is self-coloured match the tray colour and the waste position

on some models can be either centred on the length of the tray or the width. The mid-priced Kinesurf+ is finished with a Biocryl surface and Biotec high density polymer reinforcement to provide strength and durability and has a standard 10 year warranty. For information on special

display and stocking deals, please contact the sales team at Kinedo or Saniflo see details below.

Define the showering space with new Lakes Definitions

Lakes, a carbon neutral company and leading manufacturer of showering spaces, launches Lakes Definitions - a new colour range of high-quality shower door handles and stylish profile caps. Lakes Definitions was

developed for Lakes’ new showroom exclusive Antigua and Aruba showering spaces, from its premium Island Collection. Available in four on- trend colour options - gold, rose gold, nickel and matt black – the handles and caps can also be fitted retrospectively, making it easy to change colours at any point to match new bathroom furniture. Lakes Sales & Marketing

Director Mike Tattam, comments: “This latest development is part of our ongoing strategy to help drive new high margin opportunities for our merchant and stockist customers. We’re very excited about this latest development and early indications

show that our customers love it too.”

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Bette easy to fit shower trays in 400 colours B

ette manufactures a wide range of shower trays in a huge choice of sizes

and colours. Made from durable glazed titanium-steel, they are 100% recyclable, available with almost invisible anti-slip and BetteUpstand; a clever way to avoid silicone where the shower floor meets the wall. They are also available with a system

that makes installation faster and easier. The Minimum Support can be ordered pre-attached to any BetteFloor, BetteFloor Side or BetteUltra shower tray and is then simply glued to the screed or wooden floor. The BetteFloor shower area, pictured, can be

fitted flush with the floor and is strong, easy to clean, sustainable and 100% recyclable. Like all Bette shower trays, it comes with a 30 year warranty. The BetteFloor is available in over 400 colours,

including matt white and a total of 22 matt shades. It comes in a total of 52 different size/shape

options from 800 x 800mm to 1800 x 1000mm. It has extremely angular corners, which means it fits perfectly into the floor tiling pattern, with no large areas of grout required. Sustainability is central to Bette’s approach, and

this is confirmed by the company’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as per ISO 14025 and to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

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