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BAL All Star - the new star for wall tiling A new ready-to-use adhesive for large format porcelain wall tiles

innovative ready-to-use adhesive for fixing large format porcelain tiles on walls, from UK market-leaders for tiling: BAL. Because it uses acrylic technology, there is no


need to measure out any water, simply add a small admix into the paste with a bucket or gauging trowel, then give it a quick 15 second mix with a drill paddle. No need for expensive tools and it’s easy! Previously, when fixing large format tiles (over

300mm x 300mm ceramics and 100mm x 100mm porcelain) you would need a cementitious powdered adhesive, which requires measuring a precise amount of water and mixing to the right consistency. New BAL All Star takes away the hassle, and ensures the right consistency achieved every time.

AL All Star – available exclusively at Topps Tiles nationwide – is a new,

Once mixed, BAL All Star provides a

lightweight, smooth and creamy consistency – which makes for really easy trowelling out – none of the grittiness that you sometimes get with cement-based products, or cheap ready-mixed adhesives. Because it is formulated with BAL’s unique Fibre

Strand Technology, it has instant high grab, non-slip and excellent strength – while allowing small adjustments to be made. This makes for faster wall tile installation, while giving peace of mind that installations will be safe and secure, and last the test of time.

More time to fix BAL All Star gives you plenty of time to fix – including two hours in the bucket once mixed before going off and up to 30 minutes on the walls before it skins over. This gives plenty of time to spread the adhesive over large areas and fix large format wall tiles. What’s more, it can be grouted in 16 hours with

ceramics, and 24 hours with porcelain, meaning next day project completion!

A trusted solution BAL All Star is a fast and trusted solution from the UK’s market-leader in full tiling solutions. Formed in 1962 as the first tile adhesive

manufacturer in the UK, BAL has world-renowned 34 BKU DECEMBER 2020

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R&D and Technical departments, and is a recognised UK Tiling Centre of Excellence. BAL All Star has been launched to the market

after years of development, meaning you can trust the product to perform. What’s more, as its available only at Topps Tiles,

BAL All Star comes with a Lifetime Guarantee when used with a full Topps Tiles system. BAL All Star should be used with a full BAL

fixing solutions including BAL Micromax2 anti- microbial grouts and colour-matched BAL Micromax sealant.

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