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Combination of quality, comfort and safety from wedi I

n the light of the year we all have been experiencing, simple and reliable

solutions take centre stage more then ever. Everyone is looking to get things done safely and reliably in the shortest possible time and naturally, no one wants the uncertainty of their new installation not standing the test of time. The interests of tradesmen and their clients has

always been at the focus of wedi solutions. They have been developed to be simple, safe and straighforward whilst providing unrivalled system security. Whether for simple renovation of a shower cubicle or for building a completely new bathroom – thanks to the broad wedi range, retailers and installers are able to offer their clients perfect products and system solutions tailored to their needs. With the recent expansion of wedi’s

Top Line, the brand is no longer invisible for the end user – their precision engineered 100% waterproof substructure elements now complemented by modern, seamless design surfaces leave nothing to wish for. They are warm to touch, hygienic, non-slip and are available in 5 stylish colours. From floor level shower elements

through niches and benches to wall hung toilet cistern cladding, all substructure elements now have their perfect counterparts in the wedi Top Line. All

preformed design surfaces are perfectly matched to slopes of corresponding wedi elements and are fitted simply in just one step with the aid of wedi adhesive sealant. For all other surfaces around the bathroom the solution is wedi’s Top Wall: this large format panel type design surface is perfect to use for the cladding of walls and other vertical surfaces such as baths for example but they can also be used on floors in barefoot areas. The absence of grout lines does not only enhance the design, but makes for easy

maintenance and the antibacterial nature of wedi Top Line surfaces ensures that hygiene is promoted around the bathroom. Furthermore, just like all wedi substructure

elements, Top design surfaces are also extremely easy to cut and have a full-body colour so any possible shortening or adjustments to the material don’t result in unsightly cut edges. One thing is for certain: the wedi Top Line with

its organic warm feel is putting comfort within the bathroom into a completely new perspective - clients can now truly appreciate the feel of their bathroom surfaces. Bonus: thanks to their low heat-conductivity, wedi design sufaces futher enhance the already excellent thermal insulation properties of backing wedi elements hence make the installation energy efficient and cost effective for years to come. Technology and design from the same

manufacurer means that there is one main contact before, during and after the construction phase which makes handling a lot easier for retailers, installers and, at the same time, offers peace of mind for clients. A win- win situation for everyone involved.

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