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ILVE: 2021 - The year of the Panoramagic F

or over 50 years, powerhouse ILVE have dominated the kitchen industry

with their innovative and professional styled appliances. In 2020, ILVE have taken their brand new collection to another level. This year, ILVE released yet another stunning statement piece for the contemporary kitchen, with the futuristic Panoramagic range cooker. This brand new style features red LED back lit knobs, sleek black glass doors and a professional stainless steel finish. The Panoramagic has two sizes to choose from including a 90cm single oven and a 120cm twin range cooker. ILVE are known worldwide for their highly

specialised hob tops, inspired by professional kitchens for the domestic home. The Panoramagic is available with cast iron pan supports and classic gas burners, built with solid brass and coated with an easy clean black nanotechnology treatment. The hob top can be further enhanced with a stainless steel fry top griddle, perfect for cooking a traditional English breakfast. The 90cm Panoramagic range cooker also comes with an induction hob top that features 6 induction zones instead of your standard 5. “The Panoramagic is like no other range

cooker on the market. It’s both stunning to look at and is a joy to cook with. This is a real statement piece. Once showrooms begin to

re-open I expect sales to soar in 2021.” said Laura Gardiner, Marketing Manager, KitchenEX. The oven’s settings are managed with a

revolutionary 4.3” TFT touch control display. Packed with a whole host of cooking features, ILVE’s display allows the user to set the oven’s temperature with precision from 30°C to 320°C, as well as control the oven’s functions, timer, child lock and much more. Unlike any other ILVE range cooker, the touch display also controls the Panoramagic’s soft closing warming drawer located at the bottom of the cooker, offering temperatures up to 80°C. The Panoramagic is rated Energy Class A+, proving that there are no quality compromises with ILVE.

Founded in 1969 in North East Italy, ILVE’s

rich history with design and production has paved the way for creating professional kitchen solutions. ILVE create appliances with only the best, high-quality material you would find in a professional chef’s kitchen. Efficient and reliable, ILVE’s specialist collections are individually hand- crafted with extraordinary expertise. For more information, please visit the website.

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