For small jobs, sometimes you don’t have even three or four hours to wait for levelling compounds to set – that’s where new BAL Level Fast comes to the rescue.

An ultra-quick setting leveller, you can walk on in only 30 minutes and begin tiling just 15 minutes later.

Formulated with BAL’s ground-breaking Fibre Strand Technology (FST) for improved flexibility and resilience, BAL Level Fast can be used from 2-30mm bed depths.

Levellers usually require a minimum of 10mm bed depth over timber floors but BAL Level Fast can be used at only 3mm, saving fixers and contractors considerable time and money. It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

BAL Level Fast is engineered to ensure a longer wet edge (10 minutes) and anti-shrinkage technology to provide the perfect substrate for tiling small domestic projects.

A 10-15-minute pot life ensures enough time to mix and use, while self-smoothing and self-healing technology guarantees a perfect, flat surface with no cracks or bowing beneath the tiles.

What’s more, a smooth ‘one-pour’ formulation provides excellent flow – and crucially no need for spike rolling – makes for ease and speed of installation.

BAL Level Fast keeps the edge for rough terrain and is suitable for most surfaces including sand/cement screeds, overlaid timber, tongue and groove floorboard, single layer ply, tile adhesive residues, existing unglazed tiles or natural stone. It can also go over mastic asphalt, tile backer boards and anhydrite/calcium sulfate screeds.

BD 70/75 W CLASSIC BP PACK 115AH Kärcher

Equipped with high-quality components such as a dual-disk brush head with adjustable brush contact pressure and the aluminium squeegee, Kärcher’s battery-powered BD 70/75 W Classic Bp Pack push scrubber drier delivers impressively good results. A 75-litre tank and integrated, maintenance-free 115 Ah AGM battery ensure long runtimes. The compact design allows for optimum manoeuvrability of the versatile machine, while the robust design ensures it can be used even for tough cleaning jobs. It is very simple to use and maintain, making the machine extremely user-friendly.

Ideal for cleaning retail stores, shopping centres, airports as well as in the transport industry and well suited for building service contractors. Also developed for applications in harsh conditions.

Extremely simple operating concept - all machine functions can be operated using switches, buttons and knobs colour-coded controls for easy operation and short teach-in times.

Compact and robust design - highly versatile, easy to manoeuvre machine that provides a good overview. Reduces the risk of damaging the machine or equipment.

Brush contact pressure can be adjusted from 30-50 kilograms as needed. Select lower contact pressure when there is only a little dirt or if the floor is delicate and high contact pressure for stubborn dirt or coating removal.

Maintenance-free 115 Ah AGM battery and external battery charger included as standard - straightforward battery technology for use in a wide range of situations. Allows long periods of use and increases efficiency and productivity. Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2021 9

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