The Expona Design LVT collection features 30 stand-out shades that incorporate the latest trends in industrial materials, salvaged timbers and rustic metals. Blurring the boundaries between wood and stone with harmonious colour tones across designs, shades can be mixed and matched to zone, transition and make a statement in a variety of heavy commercial interiors, across multiple sectors, including retail, leisure and office spaces.

Accurate authenticity is at the heart of Expona, representing the allure, distinction and unpredictability of natural timber and stone. To replicate these materials, designs combine high-clarity design film and faithful surface textures. Many designs also feature bevelled edges to further enhance the authenticity of the floorcovering.

Expona Design is highly durable and ideal for high traffic commercial interiors it also features a robust polyurethane reinforcement which is cross linked, and UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits and a cost-effective maintenance regime. It is clear to see this playful, stand-out collection delivers individuality alongside practicality and longevity.

Expona Design luxury vinyl tiles have impressive environmental credentials, containing 40% recycled material and are 100% recyclable via the Recofloor vinyl take back scheme.

Tom Rollo, Polyflor’s Marketing Director commented: “Capturing the latest architectural trends, the exciting new Expona Design collection has once again elevated the Expona luxury vinyl tile portfolio. Ideal for use in heavy commercial locations, this collection offers a range of premium designs that can be combined to add a unique element to any interior.”


Ezy-Install is a revolutionary dry-laid underlay combining dual grip technology – dry-tack adhesion and magnetism – for a secure hold to a diverse range of floorcoverings, including LVT, carpet, ceramic and timber. No more getting stuck on which adhesive to use or what to click where.

Ezy-Install’s dual grip technology combines optimum hold with maximum durability. It allows you to install and switch flooring effortlessly for speedy design changes. Tiles can be cleanly removed for reuse or recycling while leaving the base uncontaminated for future use.

How does it work? 1) Ensure the base is sound Minimal preparation is required – no sealants, primers or plywood bases – and it’s often possible to go straight over existing flooring with no uplift.

2) Lay Ezy-Install underlay Simply loose-lay on top of bases, such as: raised metal access floors, concrete subfloors and existing vinyl.

3) Install top surfaces tile Fit magnetic tiles, including timber, ceramic and LVT direct, or fit standard tiles, including carpet and +4mm LVT, using IOBAC MagTabs.

IOBAC Ltd CEO Paul Woolvine said: “Ezy-Install is what we call our dry-laid magnetically receptive underlay. It takes away the messy, time- consuming issues that arise with traditional solutions. There’s minimal subfloor preparation needed – simply roll out the underlay and cut to size. It’s waterproof, naturally anti-microbial, easily cleanable, durable and manufactured using recycled rubber from old tyres. It’s perfect for reuse time and again and ticks all of the sustainability boxes.” Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2021 13

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