GUIDE Paragon Carpet Tiles

Guide is Paragon Carpet Tiles’ social distancing carpet tile range, designed to remind employees and visitors to keep a social distance from one another and help with wayfinding in commercial buildings.

A simple, stylish and effective solution, Guide can easily reinforce important Government guidelines surrounding coronavirus. With durable and hardwearing properties, these tiles can be installed in high-traffic areas and will continue to stand the test of time as the months and years go by.

Manufactured to support changing workspaces, Guide can be used to pandemic-proof commercial environments such as offices, schools, colleges and universities. Ideal for creating directional walkways and one-way systems, the carpet tile range can help direct the flow of pedestrian traffic and create safer spaces.

Available in two contemporary light grey base colours, specially selected from Paragon Carpet Tiles’ market-leading Diversity (Mouse, 830) and Vital (Granite, 8302) loop pile ranges. Both colours will seamlessly complement most carpet tiles installations, no matter their colour or design.

Each colour comes available in three different designs: individuals, arrow and message arrow, providing six options to choose from. pile-carpet-tiles/social-distancing-guide/

LITTLE MIXX The Preparation Group

The Preparation Group has launched Little Mixx, a brand new portable, forced action mixer.

Lesley Collins, The Preparation Group’s Business Development Manager said: “Our R&D department has been working on a new range of equipment with simplicity at the forefront. Little Mixx is made from steel, not fibre glass, so is built to withstand knocks (and drops) for long life and continued use.

“With a mixing capacity of 15-30kg and an output of 600kg an hour, it will mix coatings including resins and polyurethanes, levelling compounds, screeds, mortars and more. It’s ideal for small localised repairs where you’re mixing up a single unit such as for a terrazzo infill, through to multiple batch mixing. The buckets, which are a standard size, can be quickly released to the runner, ready for mixing up the next batch. The metal paddle gets right to the bottom of the mixing bucket and is removeable to make clean up easier.

“It’s compact in design, but Little Mixx produces big results. Plus, it will sit nicely in an estate car or small van. We’ve seen mixers out there that aren’t up to the job. This one definitely is – a great all-rounder.” Tweet us @TContractFloors

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