National Flooring Equipment To increase the capabilities of its shot blaster range, surface preparation equipment manufacturer National Flooring Equipment has released its A series. This range of shot blasters was manufactured completely in-house and designed and built based on feedback from contractors to improve efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

National Flooring Equipment is now distributing its new Apex series of shot blasters to help contractors improve on-site productivity without compromising on quality or safety. Contractors can choose from a range of machines that vary in size and power to meet all potential applications — the series includes the A95, A96, A97, A12 and A30.

The series was built with the customer in mind and the in-house engineers used their personal expertise in the industry to develop

machines that are productive but are also easy, comfortable and safe to operate. For example, the A95, National Flooring Equipment’s smallest machine, has a height-adjustable handle with built-in operator controls so that users can comfortably operate the equipment. It also has front swivel casters to increase manoeuvrability and control so that contractors can deliver a more consistent concrete profile.

Connie Johnson, Vice President of Marketing at National Flooring Equipment said: “Choosing to manufacture our new A series in- house has given us the opportunity to deliver high-quality machines that contractors actually need. We regularly speak to customers to understand the regular and new challenges that contractors face in the industry.”


Quiet Mark A new online platform has been launched to present verified acoustic solutions for the building sector. Acoustics Academy is the latest development from Quiet Mark, the international award for quiet high- performance technology and solutions to unwanted noise.

The online showcase provides insight on verified acoustic products, materials and technologies for architects, designers, contractors, build- developers, specification-buyers and the wider building sector along with science-made-simple commentary and installation insights.

It promises to simplify the complex world of sound design by comparing the most reliable and best-performing products on the market. This is achieved through like-for-like comparisons and validation of products, which are organised into a directory for their performance, design, sustainability, suitability and cost-effectiveness.

The platform includes every type of acoustic solution for all building application scenarios including; approved specialist acoustic glazing,

sound barriers, panels, pumps, acoustic doors, flooring, insulation, commercial ventilation, acoustic plasters and surfaces and much more.

Example building application areas include, residential, commercial, industrial, schools, offices, healthcare, hospitals, restaurants and public spaces.

Acoustics Academy will also further educate on the complex technical details of acoustic design solutions, making them more easily accessible, better-understood and higher priority, while encouraging design responsibility for health and wellbeing.


Distinctive Flooring Aspect is Distinctive Flooring’s standard size range, offering a 0.55mm wear layer on a 2.5mm product. The Urban collection boasts three distinct, wood patterns in a 7.25” x 48” (plank) or 6” x 24” (herringbone) format, with 18 colour tones to choose from, with the Skyline stone collection offering 12” x 18” tiles in eight colours.

Inspired by urban life, designers looked to the outdoors when curating the Aspect collection. From the weathered concrete of the street to rustic planks found by the sea, explore the range and find the perfect solution for your project.

Distinctive Flooring create beautifully designed luxury vinyl tiles for any room which will look fabulous for many years to come.

From the highest quality design flooring to easy-fit click systems, luxury vinyl and innovative new carpet tile ranges, the Distinctive Flooring portfolio provides an extensive choice of flooring solutions to ensure the perfect finish, whatever your requirements. Available in every colorway from warm toned browns to cool toned greys, the Distinctive Flooring collections can be used to create your perfect space.

Furthermore, Distinctive Flooring also offers a comprehensive wear guarantee for both residential and commercial applications across the entire range.

Designed for the end user. Developed through understanding.

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