Sika Comfortfloor Marble FX is a polyurethane, elastic, self- smoothing, UV resistant, marble effect flooring system and is part of the Sika Comfortfloor decorative flooring range. The system provides a soft, comfortable, hardwearing, seamless, low- maintenance, smooth matt surface finish. Varying thickness’s can be achieved from 2.5 – 3.0mm. Internal use.

The PU coating system’s fine marble-like design is achieved through a newly-developed colouring method of the base material - Sikafloor-3000 FX, resulting in a surface that meets the highest standards of comfort and resistance with exceptional style.

Sika ComfortFloor Marble FX is further evidence of Sika’s success in creating PU coating solutions which look as good as they perform. In the development process, Sika ensured the system met the strictest emission requirements of various green labels. This will help protect the flooring’s installers and the building’s future occupants in terms of ecology, health and safety.

There is a spectrum of colour shades to suit whichever visual effect is required for a particular commercial environment.

The system is an exceptional addition to the commercial flooring market. It further increases the opportunity for businesses to install hygienic and seamless surfaces which enhance their brand and their building’s character as well as create a comfortable, clean and safe environment for staff and customers.


Springbond underlay is one of the most innovative and sustainable products to launch within the marketplace in recent years. A unique manufacturing process allows Texfelt to make a luxury underlay from recycled plastic bottles and other single-use plastic waste, with up to 180 bottles per roll being diverted from landfill and our rivers and oceans.

Springbond underlay has industry-leading sound proofing properties minimising the transfer of noise between floors. It also has exceptional heat insulation whilst offering superb comfort underfoot. With more than 85% of the underlay made from recycled plastics, it is fully recyclable at the end of its usable life, creating a closed-loop manufacturing cycle. In addition, Springbond contains no harmful VOC’s which results in better quality air throughout the home whilst being inherently flame-resistant.

Springbond is offered in three different varieties: 7mm double stick (Springbond FR), 9mm stretch fit for heavy contract use, and 11mm for luxury domestic use.

Texfelt said: “We are continually driving awareness of our eco- engineered underlay to provide a greener and healthier alternative to traditional products like PU foam and Rubber underlays, and thereby reducing the industry’s environmental footprint. Texfelt have completed a globally-verified EPD for Springbond which means that contractors within the construction sector can use our products, understanding their life cycle impact and improving the overall environmental performance of the project.

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