RAPID RH L6 Wagner Meters

Rapid RH L6, an enhanced version of Wagner Meters’ popular Rapid RH system, consolidates many concrete moisture testing features into a simple process. This features advanced technology that makes reporting faster, easier, and more reliable, even in concrete slabs with a relative humidity of up to 100%.

The new, green L6 Smart Sensor provides accurate concrete moisture readings up to 100% RH. Also, each L6 sensor includes an onboard memory device capable of storing 512 time-stamped measurements. This memory allows you to come back years later, retrieve an embedded sensor, and recover the historical data.

The new all-in-one Total Reader combines the rugged reliability and accuracy of the handy Easy Reader and wireless Rapid RH Smart Reader into a single, easy-to-use device. The Total Reader instantly reads and displays concrete RH and temperature data from the Smart Sensors. The Total Reader will also transmit, via Bluetooth, to the free DataMaster L6 recording and reporting app.

The DataMaster L6 app connects via Bluetooth to the Rapid RH Total Reader for a completely wireless system of reading, recording, and reporting your concrete slab moisture test data. DataMaster L6 takes advantage of an unbroken stream of data to give you the highest level of data integrity.

RIVEN Rawson Carpet Solutions

Rawson has launched the latest in their designer range, Riven. Offering a personalised and flowing design, Riven is a multi-structured solution dyed two-ply nylon tile or plank with shades and patterning to represent natures materials.

Riven can be used in conjunction with other nylon ranges to allow the designer to create a truly bespoke floor to complement their space. The uniform plain grey natural patterning of the shale, slate and concrete provides a modern monolithic theme. The colours contribute to the natural aesthetic and are designed to blend with each other sharing yarn colours.

The range on offer from Rawson Carpet Solutions is now broad, satisfying most theme or durability aspirations, from nylon designer tiles and planks to durable and competitive polypropylene needled products. The range also includes entrance solutions and outdoor sports and play UV resistant surfaces.

Guy Stanton, Board Director at WE Rawson commented: “For 150 years, Rawson has grown organically through the manufacture and of non-woven industrial textiles. Our growth remains strong because of WE Rawson’s ongoing commitment to innovation, designed to meet the world’s ever-changing and varied market needs. Managed by the founder’s descendants even today, this proud family-owned business has succeeded and expanded through World Wars and economic change.

View the pamphlet here. Tweet us @TContractFloors

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