MeasureSquare Property Link is a new remote service solution creating an innovative way to consider how to provide product and service selections for a range of sectors including: flooring businesses, builders, social housing departments and specifiers.

Never has there been a more pressing time for a new way to interact with customers and conduct business with state-of-the-art solutions designed to reduce contact, reduce cost, and enable remote connection, without compromising on service levels.

Property Link connects your customers via any web browser on any device, to a digital floor-and-wall-plan of their home, business, or commercial space. Every digital plan is produced on the number one planning and estimation software, MeasureSquare –

well known across the globe for its ease of use accuracy, speed, and sophistication.

Every digital floorplan can be linked to a catalogue of flooring and wall products. This enables customers, site managers, real estate rental roll managers and flooring stores to select their desired products. Carpet, vinyl, laminate, LVT, ceramic tiles, and decorating materials can be specified for each room within the property, providing quotations, work orders and pricing for fast efficient communication between the customer, store, business and contractors.

Property Link is an evolution in remote product selection tools fully integrated with MeasureSquare commercial and mobile residential planning and estimation software and applications.


CCL CCL recently completed the design and installation of the company’s SURFACE jointless flooring system at KeyFreight Warehousing’s newest facility in the port of Beirut.

This solution will enable KeyFreight Warehousing to introduce a very narrow aisle (VNA) racking system, which optimises capacity by reducing redundant space, ensuring the property delivers its maximum value.

To allow its proposed extra tall racking and very narrow aisles, KeyFrieght Warehousing required a 1500m2

floor that complies with

‘defined movement’ (DM) flatness specifications, thereby enabling VNA forklifts to operate efficiently and safely.

CCL designed the solution and installed the SURFACE jointless flooring system onto the existing warehouse slab, ensuring a seamless, crack-free floor.

The SURFACE jointless flooring system leverages CCL’s expertise in post-tensioned (PT) concrete to provide a floor that delivers the strength and thin profile benefits of a PT slab. These benefits have been combined with a perfectly flat and levelled floor with no joints or seams, achieved using advanced laser screed equipment and CCL’s experience. Finally, the floor was polished using specialist techniques, resulting in a dust-proof and highly abraision-resistant finish.

Jad Mansour Salame from CCL said: “This is the latest in a number of SURFACE jointless flooring solutions we have designed and installed for logistics and industrial sector customers who need a hardwearing, seamless and perfectly flat floor for the safety and efficiency of sensitive equipment.”


TEKFLOOR TEKCEM DURASCREED is a technologically-advanced screed hardening additive.

When used in conjunction with proprietary screed mixtures, thinner screed thicknesses can be achieved by incorporating TEKCEM DURASCREED without compromising compressive strength.

The material is site batched, so when used in conjunction with proprietary screed mixtures, all quality control elements are maintained in-situ by the specialist screeding contractor.

The ultra-fast setting properties of DURASCREED allows for foot trafficking after just 24 hours; giving follow-on trades non-restricted access the site much earlier.

Another benefit of DURASCREED is that it can be laid in a floating configuration at as little as 35mm, which can provide a considerable weight saving compared to other screeding systems.

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