Change Agent has been designed by Milliken’s UK design team as a coordinated carpet plank and LVT collection. It is made up of two carpet designs: ‘Compound Magic’ and ‘Pure Alchemy’ (with 24 colours in each design) and ‘Earth Science’ (an authentic stone LVT design offered in 10 colours). The LVT colour palette provided the basis for the carpet colour spectrum.

The combined LVT and carpet plank collection and the extensive colour options are perfect for mixing and matching to create a unique and dynamic floor plane that can respond to the requirements of each interior in which it is used and the people in it. Both the LVT and carpet are supplied in an innovative 100 x 25cm plank format which invites creative placement for inspiring patterns or wayfinding.

The LVT collection ‘Earth Science’ has the appearance of petrified wood that now resembles stone. The organic pattern of the carpet planks is multi-directional creating pools of changeable colour and tone.

The biophilic colour palette has been created with wellbeing in mind. Natural earthy neutrals and greens to bring the outside in. Inspiration for the colours and the forms comes from the magic of nature and in particular the changes observable over time resulting in colour combinations that have an element of experimental magic. Greens and silvery metallic greys as well as warm pinks and earthy browns.

The ‘Earth Science’ collection is ‘Loose Lay’ LVT, created for easy, adhesive-free installation and maintenance and is particularly beneficial where regular access to underfloor facilities is needed.


IVC Group has developed PROTEKT, a permanent anti-bacterial and anti-mould technology for cushion vinyl floors.

Tested to be 99.9% effective against the growth of common bacteria including e-coli, staphylococcus aureus and MRSA, PROTEKT adds a confidence-inspiring feature to IVC Group residential cushion vinyl floors, making them an even more compelling choice for today’s homes.

Available exclusively on Comfytex Deluxe by Leoline, with the promise of a lifetime of anti-bacterial protection that won’t wash or wear off, PROTEKT is sure to appeal to consumers looking for a floor that can help to make their home healthier and more hygienic.

A new addition to the Leoline Collection 2020, Comfytex Deluxe features 19 wood and tile designs with a textile backing that allows loose lay installation directly over existing floorcoverings. Equipped with Superguard for easy care and now protected against bacteria and mould with PROTEKT, Comfytex Deluxe is sure to prove an attractive range for today’s purchaser.

PROTEKT is built-in to the wear layer of IVC Group’s cushion vinyl so that it becomes a permanent feature. Anti-mould performance is also included in equipped floors to inhibit mould growth. Based on the Sanitec technology already found in heterogeneous vinyl floors from the IVC brand, PROTEKT’s durability and performance has been proven in commercial projects. Tweet us @TContractFloors AWARDS 2021 11

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