Norcros Pro AF Low Prep Self Smoothing Levelling Compound is an ammonia and latex-free, two-part levelling compound. It is suitable for use on most substrates without the need for priming.

Norcros Pro AF Leveller has been specially formulated for use over old adhesive residues including bitumen, historically a problematic material to bond to. There is no need to prime or remove firmly bonded residues, greatly reducing the time usually required for preparation of the substrate to be levelled.

The quick-drying formulation means that ceramic and porcelain tiles can be laid in just three hours. Other floorcoverings can be laid in four hours.

Norcros Pro AF Leveller can be used from 0 to 12mm in one application. With the addition of coarse aggregates, the thickness can be increased to 30mm. The product is suitable for use in installations incorporating underfloor heating systems.

Mandy Searle, Head of Technical Services at Norcros Adhesives, said: “We are confident this latest addition to our range of levellers will prove popular with flooring installers. The benefits of both an ammonia and latex-free formulation, combined with the requirement for minimal preparation and technical competence will ensure that Norcros Pro AF Leveller earns its place alongside our well-regarded range of levellers.”

Norcros Pro AF Leveller comes in grey and is supplied in a 20kg bag. It conforms to CT-C14-F6. THE NORTHMORE


Harvey Maria launched its Northmore Collection in 2020. Inspired by original encaustic floor tile designs, the brand-new collection blends unique decorative pattern, heritage colour pigment and authentic patina. Six colourways have been carefully developed to form a beautifully natural palette, that will enhance both traditional and more contemporary interiors. The range includes three earth grey neutrals – Pembroke Slate, Soapstone and Mortar, along with Waterhouse Blue, Sable Black and Fired Terracotta.

Throughout the mid-19th century encaustic floor tiles became increasingly fashionable. Individual coloured clays were pressed and fired into the tile to create these remarkably robust and beautiful floors. Celebrated pottery company Mintons, are recognised as the pioneers and today, these designs form the inspiration behind Northmore. Harvey Maria has reinterpreted these stylish and prestigious Victorian floor tiles to create a collection that stands up to the demands of modern home life - form, function, warmth and acoustics.

Harvey Maria has been creating unique luxury vinyl tiles for over 25 years. All designs are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, providing a waterproof and slip resistant finish. All floors work beautifully in busy homes and demanding commercial spaces alike. Tweet us @TContractFloors

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