modulyss has re-engineered and revamped its First collection, bringing five loop-pile carpet tiles that can be used on their own or mixed and matched into exciting floor layouts.

The First collection has widely used to bring commercial interiors a floor that delivers style, quality and value. Now, with improved specifications, patterns and colours, the First collection is ready to deliver effortless versatility at a favourable price-point.

Building the First collection around a new in-house solution-dyed polyamide yarn has allowed modulyss to deliver a synchronised range across five patterns. Whether laying a foundation with First Forward or marking out zones with linear designs or flowing patterns; the First collection delivers a coordinated look through its palette of shared colours.

At the centre of the collection is First Forward, a solid base tile in 27 colours, including classy neutrals, nature-inspired tones and bold hues. First Straightline adds a contrasting pinstripe in 22 coordinated colour combinations, while the multi-striped design of First Streamline adds a soft linear contrast for a sophisticated knitted effect in 14 colourways.

Moving into more advanced patterns that still deliver excellent value, First Decode’s 11 colours offer a gradient-like barcode effect for a tech-looking carpet tile in assured neutrals or bright accents of yellow, orange and green. First Define reflects the randomised texture of concrete. Adding a flowing design to the series in 11 colour combinations, this style is a great way to bring elegant restfulness to interiors. THE GT EXTENDABLE


In 1938, Roy Roberts created a way to install wall-to-wall carpet without using the traditional method of tacks around the edges of the room – and so the carpet gripper was born. Fast forward 82 years, and Roberts is a worldwide leader in a huge range of speciality flooring tools, adhesives and accessories.

Roberts’ knee kickers are a carpet fitter’s best friend, and the easiest way to tension carpets in spaces up to 3m square. A good, well-made knee kicker will live for years, giving brilliant value for money.

The GT Extendable Knee Kicker uses the latest advances in extension mechanisms, to meet the demands for a higher- performance knee kicker. A new progressive density foam bumper contains rubber compounds designed to prevent knee shock and reduce wear and splitting.

Two- and three-inch thick replacement bumper pads are also available, which have been scientifically engineered to significantly reduces knee shock.

The design has also evolved to include a wider head for improved load distribution, and an easy to use trigger release which adjusts the length from 44.5cm - 54.5cm. Large channel stops allow the user to maintain a precise opening range while reducing wear and tear, while the short throw trigger makes adjustment easier.

Meanwhile, the thick walled, aluminium die cast body provides maximum strength and allows for a smooth and positive dial front mechanism to adjust the pin head height as additional row of pins and nap strip offer more gripping surface. 14 AWARDS 2021 CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite...


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